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Death is Inevitable: Learning How Not to Fear It

Death is one of the only things in life we can depend on. Nevertheless, the thought of death can be a frightening one. Thinking about it causes many people to experience anxiety and depression, sometimes instantaneously when the thought of death crosses their mind....

Letting Go of Anger for a Happier Mentality

Anger is a draining emotion. When you experience anger, and do not have a way to make an immediate change to fix the thing that is making you angry, the anger serves little point. Yet it requires intense energy. It is easy to hang on to anger and continue recalling...

Picking Your Battles for a Happier Mindset

On the average day, there can be thousands of things that upset us. Bad news, interaction with other people, things a partner does that annoy us, and so much more, all of which elicit almost an instinctual negative reaction. But it takes energy reacting to the things...

Where Do Our Beliefs Come From?

Your beliefs are one of the very personal aspects of your personality and the means through which you see the world. These beliefs can impact your thoughts on relationships, goals, family, faith, and more. One of the key characteristics of beliefs is that yours will...

Pain is Inevitable – Here is How to Learn from It

Pain is one of the greatest evolutionary mechanisms for keeping people alive. When a person experiences physical pain, the sensation is their brain and nervous system telling them that there is a problem they need to fix before it can become worse. For example, you...

How to Accept What You Cannot Change and Change What You Cannot Accept

Some of life is under our control. But much of it is not. We can't control who our parents are. We cannot control our past. We cannot control contracting an illness, or bringing back someone that we have lost. Many of us spend time and a large amount of mental energy...

Transforming Guilt into a Useful Emotion

People can experience guilt for many reasons. Actions they have done, actions they have failed to do, thoughts they feel are wrong, or even things they are not responsible for but feel guilty about anyway. Regardless of the cause, guilt is a difficult emotion to...

How Life’s Simple Pleasures Boost Your Mood

If asked what would make you happy right now, is your answer something big? A vacation at the beach, a job promotion, or a new purchase you’ve been wanting? Certainly, all of these things would probably bring you joy, but these are not pleasures that you can enjoy...

Pitfalls of Perfectionism: Why Being Your Best is Better than Being The Best

“Perfectionism” is a behavioral problem, where a person overstresses themselves with a desire to be “perfect.” While striving for perfection in some form can be healthy, “perfectionism” typically is not, because those that are perfectionists often struggle with...

How Passions Determine Happiness

Everyone has skills and talents they are especially good at. We all have passions, hobbies, and interests that we enjoy pursuing more than others. These skills and passions may be far reaching. Maybe we want to travel the world, lead a team, or find a cure for an...

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Depression Treatment Ebook

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Depression Blog Posts

How Social Media May Be Contributing to Anxiety and Depression

Emotions are extremely fragile. Sometimes they can be affected in ways we may not even realize, where a constant presence or issue causes us to experience negative emotions and possibly even feel worse about our life. For many, one of the causes of these negative...

4 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Happiness Levels

Psychotherapy is designed to give you back your mental health. It’s there so that those that are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, and other issues can find happiness and contentment, with proven psychological strategies that are known to benefit those that...

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Understanding Anxiety:

A Common Condition With An Uncommon Ability
to Control Our Lives

Many people who experience anxiety may often feel misunderstood, unseen, vilified, dismissed, and/or overwhelmed. However, an anxiety disorder can be difficult to recognize, because the symptoms can often be surprising. For example, extremely tense muscles is an easily missed sign of anxiety. Understanding anxiety is one of the first steps to diagnosis and treatment that can ultimately help achieve greater calm and peace in your day-to-day life.

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Anxiety Blog Posts

You Can’t Have It All: Accepting the Trade Offs in Life

Life is filled with choices. From the smaller daily choices we make, such as what to order at our favorite restaurant, to bigger decisions, such as choosing between two job opportunities or weighing a career move versus starting a family, we are all constantly making...

Where Do Fears Come From?

Many things are frightening when we are children. With a lack of understanding and a lack of experience, any new ideas can be alarming. But these fears often fade away naturally as we get older and learn more about the world around us. Other fears that develop from...

People Are Not Paying Attention to You or Your Social Anxiety – And This is Good News

When you have social anxiety, it is common to feel like everyone is noticing you and your mistakes. Yet the reality is often quite different: Everyone is too busy paying attention to themselves to pay attention to you. Still, when you have social anxiety, it is much...

Authenticity and Self-Awareness: Two Key Mentalities in Your Fight Against Anxiety

There is a lot of pressure on us to be something we’re not. While striving for goals is good, many of the pressures imposed on us by others and ourselves push us towards an ideal that is far from our authentic selves The problem with these goals set by outside...

How to Keep Yourself from Catastrophizing the Future

Thinking of worst-case scenarios is our brain’s survival mechanism. By thinking of the worst outcome, we can prepare for it and, hopefully, prevent it or prepare ourselves emotionally if it occurs. It feels like it puts us back in control in a situation that can feel...

What is Anxiety? A Way to Think About This Common Disorder

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges that affect men and women of all ages. Although it has dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of symptoms, it is usually described as a feeling of nervousness and worry that comes with physical symptoms such as...

Why People Worry (and Why it Doesn’t Help)

Worrying, as an emotion, is often easy to justify. We tell ourselves that we should worry, because there is something we can claim to be fearful of: We worry about our partners coming home from work because there may be a car accident. We worry that we left the stove...

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Addictions Treatment Ebook

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Addiction Blog Posts

Avoiding Temptation: How to Accept that You Can’t Satisfy Every Need

The average person is faced with temptations nearly every day. You may have the desire to eat unhealthy food when you are trying to stay conscious of what you eat, put off a project you know you should be working on, or go out with friends on a night you know you...

The Role of Shame in Addiction

Addiction is a complex issue. Addiction and its behaviors aren't always as simple as "makes someone feel good" or "the brain needs it." These are individuals, and sometimes emotions, feelings, and thoughts play a role in both behaviors when a person struggles with...

Examples of Negative Self-Talk That Prevents Substance Abuse Recovery

Drug addiction is a serious problem, even beyond the health issues associated with using dangerous substances. Addiction can affect your finances, your social life, your behaviors, and even your ability to cope with stress. That’s why drug addiction is a bigger...

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Women’s Issues Ebook

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Women Issues Blog Posts

Women: How Has Working From Home Affected Your Work/Life Balance?

Women, especially – but not exclusively – working mothers, are expected to maintain a work life balance. It is one that has a lot of pressures, as it often feels like women are pushed to be great moms, great hosts, work hard, and more, all with expectations that are...

Women and Men Have Different Pressures – How to Get Personalized Mental Health Support

Anxiety, depression, addiction, and stress. These are all common conditions affecting tens of thousands of people right here on Long Island alone. All of these conditions have symptoms that, while they can vary slightly, they also tend to have many similarities...

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Understanding Relationships 

New Ways To Improve The Most Valuable Relationships in Your Life

No matter one’s age, gender, marital status, socioeconomic status, education or profession, most of us have a strong need for human connection. Relationships, in a multitude of configurations, have the potential to meet some our most basic needs for warmth, attention, love, protection, companionship, fulfillment, and social contact. They often offer a framework within which to understand our own identities, personalities, values, and beliefs, as well as a set of expectations around our roles and responsibilities to others.

Videos About Relationships

Relationships Blog Posts

Your Breakup is Not the End

Ending a relationship with a breakup - regardless of how long or serious the relationship was or who did the breaking up - can be an emotional challenge. It doesn’t matter how amicably it ended, who ended it, or the process that was used to end it – it is always going...

Suitability Versus Excitement: Why You Can’t Have It All When It Comes to Relationships

Entering into a new relationship is exciting. Everything you learn about the other person is new and there is a thrill in wondering if the next person you meet will be your perfect match. But having a stable relationship is also beneficial since constantly having to...

Why Sharing is a Foundation for Relationship Satisfaction

The strongest and most rewarding relationships are almost always those where the couple communicates. Communication includes telling your partner you love them and explaining when you are upset. But communication is also sharing what makes you unique - your...

The Different Types of Relationships

People are social beings. Whether you have a partner and enjoy engaging with a large group of friends or you like a more solitary lifestyle, science has shown that interpersonal relationships are important for our overall health. The right relationships give you...

Are You Giving Up Too Easily in Your Relationships?

There’s no denying that some people stay too long in otherwise unhealthy relationships. You are probably someone that has seen it happen with a friend or family member. Perhaps you, yourself, stayed too long with someone that you were not meant to be with. But some...

Realistic Expectations When You’re Single Can Help You Find a Relationship

Even though I am a couples counselor in Long Island, I also work with singles on what I call “individual” relationship counseling. This is counseling with individuals who are single, those in a couple that are having their own individual struggles from within their...

How to Recalibrate a Struggling Relationship

Marriage is an incredible, fulfilling commitment. While the goal is to spend a lifetime of happiness together, people change. As you move forward as a couple, you may find that you, your partner, and your relationship change in ways you did not expect. When that...

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