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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

Psychologist in Brookville, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Individual Counseling and Couples Therapy in Brookville

There are so many factors that can impact your mental wellbeing. Stress, trauma, negative thought patterns, and setbacks can leave you struggling with your mental health. Failing communication, unmatched goals, and ongoing conflicts can cause you to feel stuck in your relationships.

Whatever is causing you to feel less than your best mentally or is holding your relationship back, Long Island Psychology offers customized, judgement-free mental health services. Our therapists in Brookville, NY offer individual and couples counseling. Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are clinical psychologists who use patient-centered treatments and the latest psychology research to provide the specific services you need.

You can take the next step whenever you are ready by calling us at (516) 732-0273 to learn more about our psychologists and services, and schedule an appointment.

In Person Therapy and Remote Telehealth Options to Fit Your Schedule

Although mental health is important, working time to meet with a therapist into your schedule can be a challenge. That is why we provide several options for our patients. Our Garden City and Rockville Centre offices are within driving distance of Brookville.

For those who cannot make the drive, we also offer remote therapy over video or phone. Our online therapy services let you meet with your psychotherapist from the comfort of your home or office, and keep up visits while on vacation.

Our Brookville Therapy Services

Mental health challenges and disorders can impact people of all ages and backgrounds. Knowing this, we always take into account your specific situation and tailor a treatment around you. We have experience working with men and women, children, adults, and seniors in Brookville to provide psychotherapy for:

  • Anxiety – Forms of anxiety like panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, phobias, and generalized anxiety can alter your mental and physical health. Our treatment solutions and coping tools can help you get symptoms of worry under control.
  • Depression – Depression affects many people in Brookville. Our depression treatment can reduce your symptoms and can give you the tools to decrease depressive episodes in the future.
  • Addiction and Recovery – We have treatments for substance abuse, gambling addiction, sex addiction, alcohol abuse, and any other addiction.
  • Women’s Issues – There are several challenges specific to women, such as motherhood, societal expectations, careers, and overcoming abuses.
  • Therapy for Children and Teens – We are experienced at working with kids and young adults, and know how to communicate with them effectively.
  • Senior Therapy, Grief Counseling, and More – Our therapy in Brookville also includes therapy for specific populations, like seniors, or for handling grief or other traumas.

We also have solutions for emotional or life challenges that do not fall under a diagnosis, such as dealing with stress, increasing your self-esteem, or navigating transitions in your life.

Relationship Counseling for Couples, Families, and Individuals

Relationships can be rewarding, but they may need assistance to stay strong or rebuild after a break in trust. We can help couples at any stage in their relationship with:

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Overcoming Infidelity
  • Preventing Divorce
  • Family Therapy

We also work with individuals to help you personally strengthen your relationships. Breakup counseling and singles counseling can help you understand where past relationships may have broken down, how to navigate challenges in current and future relationships, and what you are looking for in your partners.

Resilience Training, Group Therapy, Mental Health Resources, and More

Whether or not you have a mental health condition, events and emotions in your life can keep you from feeling fulfilled and positive. We designed our resilience training program to teach the skills for thinking positively. This program can give you the tools to minimize stress, overcome challenges, and feel more confident.

We also run group therapy and workshops for individuals and couples. With our range of services, we want to make it possible for you to reach your best possible mental health with methods that meet your needs and budget.

About Long Island Therapy and Our Services for Brookville

As clinical psychologists, Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil have undergone years of education, training, research, and experience working with patients of all backgrounds. This enables them to approach each patient individually and use methods from many different therapies to meet your needs. Our modalities include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning
  • Positive Psychology, and More

Above all, we create a space where you can feel comfortable expressing and interpreting your experiences and emotions. We treat you without judgement and go through the process with you, adapting our methods in response to your progress and goals.

Get Started – Contact Us Today to Take the First Step Towards Your Mental Wellness

Therapy can be a solution to help you overcome feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, and hopeless. If you are ready to begin your journey, give us a call. We can answer any questions you have about therapy, help you choose between psychologists if necessary, and schedule your first appointment. 

FAQ About Brookville Therapy

Q: What is the Cost of Therapy in Brookville?

A: For pricing, please contact us. Because we offer many services, and factors like frequency and the length of visits can change pricing, we are able to give you pricing specific to your therapy needs.

Q: What Insurances Do You Accept?

A: We do not work with insurance directly, but many of our patients use insurance to cover their costs. Depending on your insurer, we may be considered an out of network provider and you can qualify for reimbursement. You should contact your insurance company for more information.

Q: Can I Be Sure My Therapy is Confidential?

A: Yes. Whether we meet in person or over video chat, we keep your diagnosis and any discussions confidential unless required by law. If you pay with insurance, you may be required to disclose your diagnosis to your insurer.

Q: How Can I Know If Therapy Will Help?

A: We employ a wide range of modalities, techniques, and strategies so that we can create a therapy program that works specifically for you. The best way to determine if therapy is right for you is to call and speak with us to learn more.

Q: Are There Evening and Weekend Appointments Available?

A: On a limited basis, we do have after hours appointments available. Your psychologist can discuss particular times that work for you.

Q: Does a Clinical Psychologist Prescribe Medication?

A: We use talk therapy which focuses on altering behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. If we determine medication may be right for you, we can discuss your options.


Contact Long Island Psychology Today to Get Started

Long Island Psychology specializes in providing mental health treatments to adults of all ages that need help overcoming their mental health struggles. We are able to work with patients that are experiencing pain and provide appropriate mental health solutions based on your symptoms and experiences. Contact us today to get started.


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