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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

Psychologist in Plainview, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Individual Mental Health and Relationship Counseling Services

Mental health is one of the most important parts of our overall health. It determines how content we feel and how well we are able to manage stress. Mental health also has a direct relationship to physical health, and depression, anxiety, strained relationships, and other challenges can have a lasting impact on your overall wellbeing and longevity. Getting the support of a therapist in Long Island can help you overcome any mental health struggles and improve your overall health.

Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil at Long Island Psychology are clinical psychologists for Plainview, NY, experienced in working with a variety of mental health challenges and patients of all different backgrounds. We take a patient-centered approach to ensure we can provide the most effective mental health care. To learn more about psychotherapy or make an appointment, call us at (516) 732-0273.

In Person and Remote Telepsychology Options

Long Island Psychology is accepting new patients at our Rockville Center and Garden City locations. As Long Island’s leading choice for therapy, our goal is to give you the resources to prioritize your mental health with high quality psychology services provided by clinical psychologists and sessions that fit into your schedule.

Our offices are both located within easy driving distance of Plainview, NY to help you fit therapy into your schedule whether you live or work in the area.

Yet, since even a short drive can be too much in a busy schedule, we also offer the option for virtual therapy. With these appointments, you meet with your Plainview, NY therapist over a secure video chat platform or telephone call. Your psychologist will use the same personalized conversation, therapy techniques and proven modalities as an in person session, but you are able to attend from your home, workplace, or while traveling.

Mental Health Conditions We Assist With

Most people will face some type of mental health challenge throughout their lives. It may be a persistent challenge, the result of a traumatic experience, or a temporary difficulty. Regardless of how the challenges affect you, we know that any mental health condition will impact your day to day life. Some of the struggles we most often help with include:

  • Depression – Everyone experiences sadness, but depression goes further with lasting hopelessness, emptiness, and unhappiness. We work to understand the cause of depression and provide you with methods to help you end or manage the depression you are facing.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety encompasses the most common mental health issues in Plainview and can present in different ways. Generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and OCD are some of the forms of anxiety we treat.
  • Overcoming Addiction – Addiction can involve substances like alcohol or behaviors like gambling, sex, and pornography. Our addiction therapy can assist you in breaking the habit and then provide the coping strategies and support you need to avoid addictive behaviors going forward.
  • Women’s Issues – Women will often face challenges specific to their gender. Issues surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, balancing career and family, depression, interpersonal relationships, and more are all struggles we can address in therapy.
  • Pediatric Therapy – Children communicate differently, but have an emotional range similar to adults. We connect with children through techniques like play theory to help them express and regulate their emotions in a positive environment.
  • Senior Therapy, Grief Counseling, and More – Aging, loss of friends and loved ones, and other transitions can leave you feeling alone and out of control. Our experience with older adults gives us insight into your specific challenges.

Not every threat to your mental wellbeing is a diagnosable condition either. Many people experience a general sense of malaise, unhappiness, or stress that keeps them from feeling as content as they believe they should. Others are happy and satisfied, but want to build coping skills now for future challenges. We are experienced Plainview psychologists, able to support you through whatever struggles you may be experiencing. 

Marriage Therapy and Relationship Counseling Services 

Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are also professional couples counselors as well. They work with couples at all stages of relationship development to provide:

  • Marriage Counseling – New and long term marriages, strong and struggling marriages can all benefit from marriage counseling in Plainview. One of our psychologists can help you establish and grow communication methods, trust, and understanding.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling – Before you make your commitment to each other official, pre-marital counseling lets you both clear any persistent concerns and create a strong foundation on which to continue growing your relationship.
  • Overcoming Infidelity – Sexual and emotional infidelity can damage trust and leave both members of the couple struggling with the aftermath. We can help you decide on the right course for your relationship and help you rebuild trust or separate amicably.
  • Divorce Prevention – If your relationship has reached the point where divorce seems like your only option, you may be able to fix things with the guidance of a couples therapist. We create an environment where you can discuss all of your problems in a non-judgmental space and give you the tools to continue positive communication going forward.
  • Individual Couples Counseling – You can also focus on strengthening your relationships from an individual perspective. From moving past a break up to understanding how your behaviors have impacted your past relationships, we can help you find more fulfilment in yourself and your relationships.

We also offer family counseling. Like romantic relationships, families can face different transitions, stressors, perspectives, and other issues that challenge bonds. Using sessions that involve the entire family and individual meetings, we can help families work through difficulties. With both adult and pediatric therapy, our family therapy is for each member of your family.

Other Therapy Services – Group Therapy, Resilience Training Program, and More

Because we focus on each individual patient in our work, we recognize that there are a variety of methods necessary to help every patient be and feel their best. Many of our patients benefit from individual or couples therapy, but we also offer a number of other options to meet other needs.

Group therapy provides peer support, guidance from a trained psychologist, and a more affordable cost than private therapy. For some people, this can be the answer they need to improve their mental wellbeing. Our group therapy classes cover several different topics and challenges, including anxiety, relationships, and more.

We also offer a unique resilience training program. This program teaches you the skills required to bounce back after a setback and grow beyond failures. Based on the Positive Psychology modality, the resilience training program can help you achieve self growth that will limit your stress and help you be more content and effective both at work and in your personal life.

Our Approach to Therapy at Long Island Psychology

Once you have decided to pursue therapy, you have many options for a therapist or psychologists. Long Island Psychology is your top choice. Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are clinical psychologists, a designation that requires many years of education and practical experience to achieve.

Treatment plans can fit a variety of requirements and change as you progress and offer feedback. We use proven methodologies in our approach to therapy, including modalities like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning
  • Positive Psychology, and More

You can choose between Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil based on your preferences or who you feel most comfortable with. We can also provide suggestions for which of our personable therapists may be the best fit for your specific needs after we speak with you.

Contact Us to Make an Appointment or Learn More

Getting started with therapy can be the hardest first step, but you will soon find that it is a valuable investment in your health. We are prepared to answer any questions or address your concerns as you start the therapy process and connect you with the right type of therapy to promote your mental health. Contact our team today.

FAQ About Plainview Therapy

Q: What Do You Charge for Therapy in Plainview?

A: Because we offer several different types of therapy, our rates will vary depending on what services you need. Contacting us lets us understand what you are looking for so that we can give you the right breakdown of pricing.

Q: Do You Accept Any Insurance?

A: We do not bill insurance, but we are an “out of network” provider for most insurance companies. This enables you to have treatment covered when you submit the information to your insurer. The process for this varies from company to company, so we recommend that you reach out to your medical insurer for their requirements.

Q: Is My Information Confidential?

A: Yes. We will never release information, including diagnosis or anything discussed during a session, unless required by law. If you wish to avoid sharing any diagnostic information with an insurance company – some insurers require this for coverage – cash payments offer additional confidentiality.

Q: Are There Any Appointment Times Outside of Regular Business Hours?

A: We know that many of our clients work daytime jobs, which can make getting to therapy difficult. This is why we offer a limited amount of appointment times on evenings and weekends. If you are looking for more flexible scheduling, your therapist at Long Island Psychology can let you know what is available.

Q: Can You Travel to Plainview?

A: We do not travel to our clients, but we do offer remote therapy, enabling you to meet with a psychologist from wherever you are. This provides additional convenience or makes it possible to keep appointments even if you cannot make it to our office.

Q: How Do I Know If Long Island Psychology Can Help Me?

A: Therapy can help almost everyone, and our background and innovative approaches at Long Island Psychology enables us to offer the individualized therapy that boosts mental health for people of all ages and demographics. If you are unsure about therapy, we are happy to provide more information when you call us.


Contact Long Island Psychology Today to Get Started

Long Island Psychology specializes in providing mental health treatments to adults of all ages that need help overcoming their mental health struggles. We are able to work with patients that are experiencing pain and provide appropriate mental health solutions based on your symptoms and experiences. Contact us today to get started.


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