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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

Psychologist in Syosset, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Counseling from Dr. Marc Shulman and Atara Wertentheil

Your overall wellbeing – including everything from your physical health to your relationships – depends on your mental health. Yet nearly everyone experiences a challenge to their mental health at some point in their life, and many of these challenges can go on for years, leaving you dealing with anxiety, depression, unfulfilling relationships, and other mental health struggles on your own.

Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are clinical psychologists in Syosset. Through their practice at Long Island Psychology, they provide therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Our goal is to help you improve your mental health through patient-focused psychotherapy that is built around your specific challenges and goals. Call our office at (516) 732-0273 to learn more about our Syosset therapy services, our approach, and schedule an appointment.

Taking Clients for In Person, Telephone, and Video Therapy in Syosset

Long Island Psychology has two offices on Long Island. Our Garden City office is located within easy driving distance of Syosset, making it convenient to meet with your psychologist near your home or workplace. We also have an office in Rockville Centre for additional flexibility in scheduling appointments wherever you live or work on Long Island.

But many of our clients lead busy lives, and taking time away from work and family for even a short drive may not be possible. Virtual therapy lets you meet with your psychotherapist from your preferred location. We use a secure platform to conduct phone or video calls. These virtual sessions have all of the same benefits of in person therapy with personalized attention and customized treatment plans with the leading methodologies.

Mental Health Therapy in Syosset for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, and Beyond

The majority of mental health challenges Syosset residents face fit into a few diagnoses. But the way you experience a mental health disorder will be unique to you, as are the external stressors and situations you must deal with. We consider your mental health holistically to provide the most effective treatment for:

  • Depression – Our depression treatment in Syosset can help reduce symptoms and pervasive thoughts of hopelessness, as well as working towards a long term recovery from depression if possible.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety disorders can include generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, PTSD, and more. However your anxiety presents, we can provide techniques to help you reduce stress and worry.
  • Addiction Treatment – We offer addiction treatment for substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, sex addiction, and any other addictions.
  • Women’s Issues – Women face unique challenges. We can help you with motherhood, relationships, balancing careers and family, recovering from abuse, and other challenges you face.
  • Pediatric Therapy – We provide therapy for children and young adults that approaches it from their perspective. Some of our solutions for children’s therapy in Syosset include play therapy and family therapy.
  • Coping with Grief, Senior’s Therapy, and Others – Aging, dealing with the loss of loved ones, coming to terms with your identity, recovering from trauma, and a variety of other experiences can prevent you from feeling your best, but we have psychotherapy approaches that can help.

These are also far from the only conditions that could negatively impact your mental health. If you are experiencing discontent, stress, or unhappiness, there may not be a diagnosis, but this does not make the symptoms any less of a threat to your mental health. Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil will speak with you to form an understanding of your mental struggles, and then help provide you the support and coping skills to help you retake control over your emotional wellbeing.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Syosset, NY

Relationship counseling is beneficial for all types of relationships. Our relationship therapy at Long Island Psychology can help you recover a faltering relationship or strengthen an already strong bond. We work with couples at every stage of their relationship to provide:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Divorce Prevention
  • Overcoming Infidelity
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Breakup Therapy

Relationship counseling can also include therapy for families to help you and your spouse, children, parents, or other relations navigate the transitions and stresses that can strain familial relationships. For couples counseling and family counseling, we may alternate meeting with all clients at one time with one-on-one meetings to create a productive environment for solving difficulties and improving the communication and bonds of all types of relationships.

Resilience Training, Group Therapy, and Additional Services

Long Island Psychology has pioneered a resilience training program that teaches the methods that will help you overcome setbacks and handle challenges with less stress. We created this program using the Positive Psychology modality with the goal to help you maintain contentedness and promote your own self growth.

In addition to resilience therapy, we also offer a range of group therapy solutions. Our group therapy in Syosset can include:

  • Anxiety Group Therapy
  • Relationship Group Therapy
  • Depression Group Therapy, and More


Group therapy can be an ideal option for those looking for additional support, a chance to practice social skills, and a more affordable price. 

Modalities We Use in Our Therapy

Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are trained clinical psychologists. Their backgrounds combine years of education and working with patients of varying populations. This experience enables them to create a customized treatment plan using therapy modalities like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning
  • Positive Psychology, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and More

We prioritize a judgement free environment where you also have the support to explore your emotions and thoughts. Our psychotherapists will then work with you to understand your history, current challenges, and build coping strategies to help you recover. 

Learn More and Schedule Your First Therapy Appointment

Once you have decided to seek assistance with your mental health, you have many places you can turn for a psychologist in Syosset. Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil at Long Island Psychology are the best option with the training and experience to provide effective results, and the patient focus to guide you throughout your recovery. Let us know your questions and find out more about our approach to therapy before scheduling an appointment with either psychotherapist. Call us to get started.

FAQ About Syosset Therapy

Q: What Are Your Rates for Individual or Couples Therapy?

A: Our different therapy types – individual, couples, group therapy, and resilience training – have various rates. We are able to provide more specific pricing options when you call us.

Q: Are You In-Network with Any Insurance?

A: We are an out of network provider, meaning we do not bill insurance ourselves. Instead, you may be able to have your insurance reimburse the cost of therapy when you submit the information to your insurance directly. Your insurer will be able to explain this process and confirm whether or not they will cover the cost under your plan.

Q: Do You Offer In-Home Therapy in Syosset?

A: We do not, but the option for remote therapy gives you the option of meeting with your therapist wherever you are located. Remote psychotherapy makes it possible to schedule mental health appointments that work with your busy schedule or while you are traveling.

Q: Can I Schedule an Appointment Out of Normal Business Owners?

A: We offer a few appointment times during evenings and weekends to accommodate our clients who cannot take off work to come to therapy. Once you get started with your therapist, we can let you know what scheduling options are available.

Q: Do You Keep My Diagnosis Confidential?

A: Yes. Regardless of whether we see you in person or via telehealth, we have strict standards in place to keep anything you discuss with Dr. Shulman or Dr. Wertentheil confidential, unless required by law. Because we do not bill insurance, you can avoid any record of your diagnosis by paying with cash instead of going through insurance.

Q: Which Clinical Psychologist Is the Right Fit for Me?

A: Having both Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil gives patients at Long Island Psychology options to work with the psychologist whose experiences are best suited for their needs. If you are unsure which one might be right for you, we can discuss your background and goals on your initial call and make a recommendation.


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We have three offices, all located not far from East Rockaway, giving you an opportunity to find the location that you're most comfortable driving toward. We also have a psychotherapy team that is fully committed to making sure that you are feeling your absolute best at all times. If you are ready to get started, and would like to learn more about why Long Island Psychology is the best choice for your mental healthcare, please contact our team today.


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