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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

Psychologist in Glen Cove, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Therapy for Individuals, Couples, and Family in Glen Cove

Mental well being brings you joy, contentment, and fulfillment in your relationships. But poor mental health can also hold you back, and challenges in your relationship can leave you feeling stuck.

Long Island Psychology can help you get your life back where you want it to be.

Long Island Psychology is the leading location for a therapist in Glen Cove, with personalized services and proven, innovative methods that can help you attain mental wellness in your life. To learn more about our therapy for individuals, partners, and families, call us at (516) 732-0273 to talk with one of our Glen Cove psychologists.

Online, Phone, and In Person Appointments to Fit Your Schedule

Long Island Psychology has several ways to meet with one of our psychologists, making it simple to find a method that works for your schedule and comfort level. In person meetings with either Dr. Shulman or Dr. Wertentheil are available at our Garden City or Rockville Centre locations.

For those clients who do not have the time to make the drive or are frequently traveling, virtual psychotherapy is a good option. We conduct sessions via phone and video chat where we can lead all of the same individual and couples therapy as an in person session.

Mental Health Conditions We Treat at Long Island Psychology

You can face a variety of challenges to your mental wellness throughout your life. Long Island Psychology can help manage and overcome any of these challenges. We have therapy services that can help with conditions that include:

  • Depression – Depression can last for months or even years, and lead to a repetitive cycle that can be difficult to get out of on your own, but we can help you alter the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions behind depression. Our strategies for dealing with depression can mitigate the symptoms and reclaim your life.
  • Anxiety – We offer treatments for all of the common forms of anxiety like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety, phobias, and others, helping you rationalize worry and stress so you feel more in control.
  • Addiction – Although there are often physical symptoms associated, addiction is a mental health issue. The mental dependency can make it difficult for you to stop drug use, drinking, gambling, and other addictive behaviors. We give you the tools to redirect destructive thoughts and behaviors to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Women’s Issues – Life experiences such as childbirth, miscarriage, school and career, relationships, and motherhood are common, but they are still difficult to handle on your own. We understand the unique challenges women face and can help you get through them.
  • Children’s Therapy – Children and adolescents have a complex emotional world and can go through many stressful experiences of their own. We are experienced in helping children of all ages connect with their thoughts and emotions to deal with traumas, setbacks, and challenges.
  • Grief and Loss Counseling – Losing a loved one or a friend is always heartbreaking, but the grief can be lasting or bring up other concerns in your mind about loss or death. With therapy, you can be better able to adjust to the loss and deal with the questions that go along with it.

You may not have a specific mental health condition, but simply feel that something is holding you back or you are not reaching your full potential. Our therapy strives to help you with any diagnoses and guide you towards complete mental wellness.

Relationship Counseling Options in Glen Cove, NY

Even the best relationships can have moments of misunderstanding, poor communication, and other struggles. Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil can bring an outside perspective to your relationship challenges and create an environment where both members of the couple feel heard. We can also offer strategies to improve communication and trust in all relationships through:

  • Premarital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling 
  • Divorce Prevention
  • Moving Forward After Infidelity
  • Individual Relationship Therapy

Our relationship therapy can also include family therapy. Ideal for blended families, separated parents looking to effectively co-parent, or any other families looking to build a more supportive and loving environment, our family counseling includes sessions with the entire family and individual members. We are trained in pediatric therapy and can work successfully with children and teens as well as parents and other adults.

Resilience Training, Group Therapy, and More Mental Wellness Solutions

Beyond traditional talk therapy for individuals and couples, we also offer options like our resilience training program and group therapy. Resilience training teaches you the skills to build grit, overall psychological well being, and the ability to come back after a set back.

Group therapy offers treatments for relationships, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Working with a trained clinical psychologist and a group of people who are dealing with the same challenges as you can be a more effective way to find solutions for your problems while also saving some money on therapy.

About Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil at Long Island Psychology

As clinical psychologists, Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil unite education, training, and experience in our therapy, making it possible for us to provide unique insights personalized to your mental health. Our training has included several effective modalities as well as more innovative approaches, all of which can include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning
  • Positive Psychology, and Others

We start by understanding your lifestyle and past, and how those have contributed to your present situation and mental wellness. For couples, we consider each person’s point of view. Our in-depth understanding of who you are as a person lets us plan a treatment intervention that will work specifically for you.

Throughout the process, your therapist is your partner and we can continually adjust our solutions based on your progress and input. Whether you are conducting our sessions online or in person at our office in Rockville Centre or Garden City, each meeting is confidential and focused on you.

Make Your First Appointment with Us Today

Ready to schedule an appointment or have more questions about therapy in Glen Cove? Please reach out to our team so we can learn more about your experiences and your personal needs. With that information, we can connect you with the right therapist and get you started on the path towards better mental health.

FAQ About Glen Cove Therapy

Q: What Are Your Therapy Session Rates?

A: Because each of our clients is seeking a different type of therapy – individual or couples, particular session length, and various frequencies – there is not a single set price. But we are happy to share our rates with you when you call to schedule your appointment.

Q: Do You Take Insurance for Psychotherapy in Glen Cove?

A: We are not a part of any insurance networks and do not bill insurance. However, many of our patients use us at an out-of-network provider and are able to have some or all of the costs covered by their insurer. The process for this can vary from company to company, so you should speak to them to learn more.

Q: Do You Travel to Glen Cove for Sessions?

A: We do not travel, and only do in person appointments at our offices in Rockville Centre and Garden City. But we do offer virtual psychotherapy for clients throughout the state, including Glen Cove. You can meet with your Glen Cove psychologist from your home, work, or while traveling.

Q: Can I Trust My Diagnosis is Confidential?

A: Yes. Unless required by law, we will never share your diagnosis or anything you told us during an appointment to another party without your permission. For additional confidentiality, we also recommend paying cash since some insurers require you to disclose a diagnosis to receive coverage.

Q: I’m Not Sure If I Have a Mental Health Condition – Can You Still Help?

A: We can. Mental health conditions can present different symptoms for everyone, so it can be difficult to understand the reason behind what you are feeling. Or you may have a stuck feeling for another reason. Whatever the cause, our range of psychology modalities can cater to your specific needs.

Q: What Can I Expect from My First Therapy Appointment?

A: If this is your first time at therapy, you will likely have questions about the process. We can answer these in a phone call before your appointment. In general, however, the first appointment is about us getting to know you and your particular concerns in a judgment free environment. From there, we work with you to build a treatment plan.

Contact Long Island Psychology Today to Get Started

Long Island Psychology specializes in providing mental health treatments to adults of all ages that need help overcoming their mental health struggles. We are able to work with patients that are experiencing pain and provide appropriate mental health solutions based on your symptoms and experiences. Contact us today to get started.


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