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Anxiety Therapy

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What is 


  • Do you tend to feel nervous or worry excessively about everyday situations and activities? Do you experience distress over being unable to control this worry?
  • Do you experience persistent thoughts or feelings of impending doom? 
  • Do you create scenarios in your mind that trigger physical or emotional distress?
  • Do you often experience unwanted physical symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, nausea, and/or muscle tension?
  • Do you feel restless, irritable, have trouble falling asleep, or have difficulty concentrating?

Anxiety is a common and natural reaction to stress and/or danger. However, when it becomes intense and persistent, anxiety can be incredibly uncomfortable and disrupt your day-to-day functioning.

How Do We

Help You?

At Long Island Psychology, we are here to help you regain control of the thoughts and emotions that fuel your anxiety so that you can experience a calmer, more peaceful existence. 
In the process of treatment, we work to:

  • Assess how anxiety manifests for you personally, within the context of your unique circumstances
  • Provide a better understanding of the source of your anxiety and how these patterns recur and interfere in your life
  • Facilitate an exploration of how life events, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are interconnected
  • Provide strategies for identifying, tracking and understanding the unhealthy thought patterns that lead to anxiety
  • Explore evidence that confirms or disconfirms your beliefs
  • Teach skills for challenging and changing distorted thinking
  • Replace ineffective coping strategies/behaviors with more effective ones
  • Offer guidance on helpful relaxation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques
  • Enhance your ability to tolerate some levels of anxiety and accept life’s challenges


May Include:

  • Techniques from various therapeutic modalities, such as CBT, Mindfulness/ACT, Psychodynamic Therapy and Positive Psychology
  • Homework and/or small task assignments (ex. thought tracking worksheets) to complete outside of session
  • Psychological and/or psychopharmacological treatments (medication) – Both are accessible for alleviating anxiety symptoms, however a combination of the two is often most effective. If medication is indicated, we will refer our clients to a qualified psychiatrist for an evaluation.
  • Recommendations that will vary depending on one’s age, form of anxiety, severity of symptoms, readiness for treatment, and influence of other physical, medical, or mental disorders

What Benefits Can

Therapy Offer You?

  • A safe outlet within which to share and release built up tension
  • Reduced frequency, intensity, and duration of anxiety/stress
  • Greater sense of control over your cognitive and emotional processes
  • Increase in ability to tolerate discomfort about things you cannot control
  • Effective tools to help you relax in the face of challenges and in your daily routine
  • Greater sense of mastery over life’s challenges
  • Improved sense of peace and calm


The Process

  • Willingness to notice, document, and challenge thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Openness to viewing thoughts and behaviors objectively
  • Efforts to practice mindfulness and relaxation exercises outside of sessions
  • Patience and consistency with the treatment process

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Specific Types of


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Your Long Island Anxiety Treatment Specialists

In our years of experience working as Long Island Psychologists, we have helped countless individuals that have struggled with anxiety. With offices in Garden City, Rockville Centre, and Roslyn Heights, along with our remote therapy services available throughout New York, many of our clients have come to our sessions and worked through both their physical and emotional anxiety symptoms, in order to find relief from their daily stress.

We have helped many people learn to feel calmer and more in control, and we use an individualized approach to help you gain the tools you need to reduce your anxieties. No matter what causes your anxiety, what maintains it, or what struggles you experience in the future, we are confident that through our sessions together, you will be able to start seeing real progress in the way your anxiety manifests and how you react to it.

If you are ready to fight those fears, improve your emotional and physical health, and start making changes that will lead to fewer anxiety symptoms in the future, contact us today at (516) 732-0273. Let's schedule an appointment and start talking about your anxieties and their solutions.

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