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Are you a single person struggling with the challenges of dating, relationships, and finding yourself?

Today’s world celebrates many of the benefits of living a single life. However, being single can come with a unique set of challenges, whether you are single by choice or by circumstance. 

It is important to address the social and mental health obstacles that many single people face, along with the potential for personal insight and growth. At Long Island Psychology, our Resilience Training Program is here to guide you in overcoming these challenges, discover who you are as an individual, and help you live your best quality of life.

Being Single in Early Adulthood

The majority of single adults are people between the ages of 18 to approximately 30. This period of time is incredibly formative as young people attend post-secondary education, choose their career paths, form lasting friendships, and often start dating whether casually or for a long-term relationship. It can also be a confusing time as many people who are around the same age can be at entirely different stages of their lives. At the age of 25, some people are still determining their careers while others have steady paying jobs. Similarly, some people are married with children while others have never been in a long-term relationship. This imbalance can pose many challenges including:

  • Questioning career and life choices
  • Loneliness and changing social dynamics
  • Outside pressure from friends or family to “settle down”
  • Depression/Anxiety or other mental health issues

It is normal to feel confused and alone at such an uncertain and changing point in your life. At Long Island Psychology we are here to help you overcome these challenges and grow in the process to create an overall more positive well-being.

Single Female Professionals

Dating as an accomplished and high achieving woman can pose specific obstacles above and beyond regular dating challenges. Have you ever heard the term “ambition-marriage trade-off?” Unfortunately, we live in a society where women are still being questioned for making the choice to discover her passions and drives. This can be frustrating and feel unfair whether or not you are looking to be in a relationship. 

Our Resilience Training Program may be helpful if you:

  • Struggle to balance a dating life with your professional career
  • Feel pressure to start dating, get married or to step back from your career by family or friends
  • Suffer from loneliness or isolation
  • Feel stigmatized or discriminated against for being a high achieving woman
  • Experience Depression/Anxiety or other mental health issues

It may feel incredibly overwhelming to have to combat all of these issues on top of the regular challenges of dating. We are here to help you and support you to ensure that you find a way to achieve your professional goals while experiencing a happy and fulfilling personal life.

Single Middle-Aged and Older Adults

There is no question that it is certainly different to be single as you get older than it is in your 20s and 30s. If you are a single middle-aged or older adult you know that it is hard to feel like you are living a different life than many of your friends or colleagues. Whether or not you choose to be single or are faced with that circumstance, there are many social and mental health challenges that you may confront.

Our Resilience Training Program can help you combat issues such as:

  • Feeling left out during outings with friends or family
  • Loneliness or isolation from people in relationships
  • Hopelessness about the dating world and relationships
  • Feeling unaccepted by friends or family
  •  Depression/Anxiety or other mental health issues

A Study in The Journal of Gerontology demonstrated that as people age the loneliness gap between single older adults and those in relationships decreases. That being said, it often takes time and support to confront loneliness and isolation, amongst the many other challenges that face the single older adult community. We are here to guide you through these obstacles, and help you create a positive outlook and overall healthy well-being.

Resilience Training for Single Adults

Our Resilience Training Program provides the tools necessary to overcome your adversities with a growth-oriented mindset. Depending on your individual situation and goals we will tailor our workshops, activities, and therapy to meet your needs. Some of the general concepts we work on in Resilience Training for Singles are:

  • Coping with uncertainty and accepting a lack of control
  • Finding meaning in work, friendships, and everyday life
  • Developing Signature Strengths that encourage a positive mindset and help you achieve your personal goals
  • Carving out your own narrative that fits your needs and wants
  • Working on relationship connectivity in all aspects of your life
  • Confronting and overcome mental health issues

These are a few of the many goals that Resilience Training can help you achieve. Our Resilience Training Program will guide you in developing the tools necessary to overcome both your current struggles and the future struggles that you may face as an individual and within your relationships.

Please visit our Resilience Training Program page  or call 516-732-0273 to learn more. For more information about our Garden City and Rockville Centre, NY locations, please visit our contact us page.


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