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Are you looking to maximize performance and increase productivity in the workplace?

Today’s corporate world is changing faster than ever as it adjusts to new challenges that endanger productivity, teamwork, and overall performance. In order to overcome these obstacles and foster a healthy and success-oriented work environment, it is important to look beyond surface behavioral changes and delve deep into productive transformations. At Long Island Psychology our Resilience Training Program can help corporate organizations struggling with:

  • Maximizing performance
  • Dealing with distractions and disruptions in the workplace
  • Communication between executives and employees
  • Teamwork within and amongst departments
  • Increasing daily productivity
  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Employee efficacy
  • Healthy work-home balance
  • Cultivating new ideas and creativity

Most corporations face one or more of these adversities as they develop and change, but there are many ways that these adversities can be overcome. With our program, you as an individual and your team as a whole can develop lasting tools that will combat obstacles and help your organization succeed as a result.

CEOs and Executive Leaders

Leaders and owners of corporations face unique challenges. While they certainly struggle with the adversities that their employees face on the day to day, CEOs and executive leaders have the added layer of leadership and increased accountability. These factors pose the increased potential for obstacles such as:

  • Pressure to perform at a high level and to ensure employees perform well
  • Accountability for risk-taking and decision making
  • Coping with not only your own failures but the failures of your team
  • Having a strong presence and being an effective leader
  • Communicating constructively with employees
  • High levels of stress/anxiety/exhaustion

We are here to help you manage your own challenges and the challenges that face your team. Successful corporations such as IBM, J.P Morgan, and Chase and Goldman Sachs amongst many other Fortune 500 corporations have invested in resilience and executive training programs that help to boost productivity and provide measurable results. Taking the time to invest in these kinds of resources will help not only you as an individual worker, but your corporation’s success as a whole.

Resilience and Executive Coaching:

Our Resilience Training Program is a unique form of executive coaching that helps bolster overall performance and works on an individual level to help CEOs, managers, and employees maximize their working potential. This includes specialized psychological approaches that encourage employees to look both within the workplace and into other aspects of their lives and themselves to create a holistic approach to creating a healthy and success-oriented environment. 

Individual Resilience Training will target key skills such as:

  • Identifying non-productive workplace habits
  • Increasing self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Finding passion in work
  • Locating “blind-spots” that hinder effective decision making
  • Managing stress/anxiety that affects productivity
  • Work on relaxation and calming techniques that can be used in the workplace
  • Identifying personal challenges that may be interfering with performance and learning to overcome them
  • Filtering out negative and growth-stymying thoughts
  • Fostering creativity and being open to change

These skills can be used to benefit anyone who works as part of a corporation, but there are certain tailored skills that we will work on if you are a leader in your organization. Some of these specific goals include:

  • Strengthening leadership presence
  • Creating set-out goals for yourself and for your team
  • Engaging in effective listening and communication with team members
  • Becoming an impactful and active leader

Leaders are an incredibly integral part of what determines a corporation’s success. We want to work with you to make sure that both your own leadership and your ability as a worker fosters success, growth, impact and encouragement in the workplace.

Resilience Training for Teamwork

Learning and strategizing techniques to make a team as a whole more productive is one of the most effective ways to maximize performance. While individual executive coaching is important, team-building and effective cooperation ensure that each individual’s skills are used to benefit the whole. 

Our Team Resilience Training will work on:

  • Improving collaboration and communication
  • Effective delegation and task division
  • Capitalizing on individual’s strengths that complement one another
  • Engaging with one another and providing feedback
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Fostering an environment that promotes a positive well-being

A team is only effective when individuals within the team work with one another create a productive and growth-oriented work environment. With our Resilience Training for Teamwork Program, we will cultivate these skills on a group level and ensure each employee, manager, and executive leader work symbiotically to produce results.

Corporations around the world have utilized Resilience Training and Executive Coaching to maximize performance and produce results. We are here to help you as an individual and as a team perform on your highest level, and create results that will benefit the overall success and growth of your corporation. Our therapists and coaches have developed several workshops and activities rooted in empirically supported research that hone in on individual and team-building strengths. Please visit our Resilience Training Program page or call 516-732-0273 to learn more. For more information about our Garden City and Rockville Centre, NY locations, please visit our contact us page


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