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NY Addiction Therapist – Personalized Treatment in New York

Treatment for Addiction in NY

Addiction is an illness. Those that find themselves addicted to substances or behaviors often struggle to control the way they act, and find themselves experiencing personal and professional loss as a result of those addictive behaviors. For many, seeking the “high” that comes from the addiction can also lead to more risky and problematic issues that can have lasting implications on a person’s life.

Here in NY, addiction can come in many forms. Beating addiction then becomes so important for taking control back of your life. Our New York psychologists are available to treat most forms of addiction for those located anywhere in the state, with remote therapy options for those outside of Long Island and in person services for those near Garden City and Rockville Centre.

Start addressing your addictions today. Contact Long Island Psychology at (516) 732-0273 or use our online form to reach us at any time.

About Our NY Addiction Treatment Service

People fall into addiction for different reasons. Some use substances as a coping tool, or are prescribed addictive substances by doctors. Others fall into addiction through their lifestyle. Some find themselves with an addiction as a result of trauma.

Addiction manifests itself in different ways, but is in most cases a repeat behavior (such as alcohol use or gambling) that causes a positive feeling (such as a “high” or the reduction of physical/emotional pain) that leads to repetition and reliance on the behavior. Often, although not always, a person may require more risky behaviors in order to receive the same experience, which leads to further emotional or psychological challenges.

The effects of addiction can be seen throughout NY, as people everywhere struggle with overdoses, job loss, financial challenges, and more as a result of their addiction. Long Island Psychology provides addiction treatment in NY, using psychotherapy to help provide:

  • Alternate coping tools.
  • Actionable behaviors to maintain sobriety.
  • Addressing any trauma that may have led to addiction.
  • Identifying thought and behavioral patterns that cause relapse.
  • Resilience training and emotional coping tools, and more.

We also get to know you, because addiction and mental health are uniquely personal. We’ll talk to you about what may have led to the addiction, and use treatment techniques based on who you are as an individual.

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to operate throughout New York State using phone and Telehealth (video) remote therapy services. That means our clients can be located anywhere in NY, as far away as Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, and many of the smaller cities and towns that may not have many addiction therapists that you feel connected to.

This type of therapy allows you to get the help you need from a place of comfort, often your home, and know that you’re receiving treatment from experienced psychologists that are discreet, engaging, and ready to listen.

For those local to our area, our offices are conveniently located in Garden City and Rockville Centre, close to Oceanside, Floral Park, Lawrence, Hempstead, Freeport, and Merrick. We are able to see you in person or, if you prefer, we can also use our remote therapy services until you want to come see us in the office.

We know you have a choice in NY psychologists for addiction, and we will make every effort to help you with whatever your addiction may be.

Types of Addiction

In theory, anything can become an addiction. But some behaviors tend to be more addictive than others, either because they can cause a chemical dependency or because the “highs” of the experience are strong enough that the person performing it desires to repeat the feeling over and over again.

Some examples of different types of addiction include:

  • Illicit and Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Work Addiction
  • Sex and Pornography Addiction, and More

Some people find themselves addicted to shopping, smoking, smartphones, social media, and gaming. Addiction can come in many forms, and so the treatment that we use is catered to addressing those different substances and behaviors.

Contact Us Today for Addiction Treatment in NY

Every person is different, coming from different backgrounds, life experiences, and personalities. Indeed, because we provide NY addiction treatment across the entire state, there may be cultural or lifestyle factors that can affective addictive behaviors.

Our role as therapists for addiction in New York state is to make sure that we create a treatment plan that is catered to who you are. We listen, create a safe space, and provide feedback to help guide your sobriety and recovery, including creating alternate healthy behaviors, resilience strengthening, and more. Because our approach is catered to you, we may use solutions that include, but are not limited to:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning

Because we offer different approaches, we will talk to you about your experiences, learn more about who you are, and find a treatment choice that we believe will work best for you who you are.

Give our psychologists a call today, and let’s get the conversation started and start working towards improving your long term health, wellness, and outlook.

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If you have any questions about individual, group, or couples therapy (marriage counseling) or about working with a psychologist/therapist please do not hesitate to call.

With offices in Garden City and Rockville Centre, NY, we’re available for anyone that needs help on Long Island and in Nassau County.


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