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Many people think of couples and marriage counseling as a last resort.

Sometimes it is.

Yet couples counseling is not just about saving a relationship. It’s also about simply making it better, and rebuilding the bonds of trust, love, and comfort that make relationships so desirable in the first place.

At Long Island Psychology, our couples counselors have worked with hundreds of local couples to rebuild their relationship and create a stronger and healthier bond for years to come. Call today at 516-732-0273 or fill out our contact form for more information.

Why Do Couples

Seek Therapy?

Couples of all different stages in their relationship seek therapy for many reasons, each one personal to their experience. Some of these reasons include:

  • Your relationship or marriage isn’t providing you with the happiness you desire.
  • Your relationship or marriage is at a critical transition point.
  • You and your partner are having frequent arguments or avoid communication.
  • You want to increase the passion, love, and intimacy in relationships.
  • You fear that your relationship is nearing an end without intervention.

The goals of couples and marriage therapy are to make your relationship better, no matter where you are in your dating, relationship, or married life. Connecting with someone else is one of the best parts of the human experience, and whenever you need help, a Long Island psychologist with experience working with couples and an effective approach for rebuilding trust is the right choice.

All of our couples therapy discussions are unique to you as a couple. All relationships are different, and sometimes it is important for us to learn more about you before taking a specific approach to your relationship. 

If you’d like to learn a bit more about our services for where you may be in your relationship, consider the following:

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is focused on you as a couple. Though it is more common among those that are married or have been in very long-term relationships, we’ve seen couples in the early stages of dating and those that have already divorced hoping to improve communication and connection as they move forward.

Learn more about couples counseling with Long Island Psychology

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage can feel scary. Not just the fear of commitment, but also planning a wedding and preparing for the long road ahead. Pre-marital counseling is there to help make sure that you’re prepared for the road in front of you, to help ensure your marriage will start off right.

Learn more about pre-marital counseling with Long Island Psychology

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is perhaps our most common couples therapy request, as marriage itself is a long lasting commitment that can change over time. Over the course of a person’s marriage, couples may face challenges, grow apart, or otherwise struggle in ways that require some type of intervention. We’re here to help improve all the facets of your marriage.

Learn more about marriage counseling with Long Island Psychology

Mediation Counseling

Post-separation, mediation can be an excruciating event. We have both individual and couple mediation counseling to make sure it doesn’t hurt your relationship further.

Learn more about mediation counseling with Long Island Psychology

Divorce Counseling

On the cusp of divorce, immediate couples counseling may be able to help. We can also make sure that the relationship communicates correctly, so that both partners understand their needs and the best way to move forward.

Learn more about divorce counseling with Long Island Psychology

Overcoming Infidelity

Both physical and emotional infidelity can be devastating to a relationship. Some couples struggling to overcome it, but those that do may be able to move forward successfully.

Learn more about overcoming infidelity with Long Island Psychology

We are also happy to see couples that are perfectly healthy in their relationship, but have hit a snag in their growth and want to learn what they can do to communicate better and make sure they’re happy in the long term.

Our Approach to Relationship and Marriage Therapy on Long Island, NY

With offices in Garden City and Rockville Centre, and serving all of the nearby cities and towns in Long Island and surrounding areas including Merrick, Levittown, Oceanside, Floral Park and more, many of our clients are couples that are in some degree of distress, or are trying to build increased intimacy in their relationship in order to make it last.

Our goal is to create a safe, judgment-free space of open communication, and to use an objective lens on every disagreement to find the solutions that are going to have the longest lasting effects. Our strategy involves helping both partners clarify their needs and goals, feel empowered to change themselves and accept love from their partner, learn to communicate safely, feel more connected, and achieve a more enriching and satisfying relationship.

We use an approach called Complementary Dynamic Experiential Learning. This approach will often involve meeting with each partner independently, both as an opportunity to share your thoughts and to discover if there are any individual issues that may be affecting your relationship that you are struggling to communicate.

The addition of this individual component is one of the reasons our Long Island Couples and Marriage Counseling service is effective. Please read more about this on the Our Approach page.

You don’t have to wait until your relationship is already on the brink of failure, nor do you have to think that it’s “too late.” Give us a call today at (516) 732-0273, and let’s start working on healing your relationship as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions about individual, group, or couples therapy (marriage counseling) or about working with a psychologist/therapist please do not hesitate to call.

With offices in Garden City and Rockville Centre, NY, we’re available for anyone that needs help on Long Island and in Nassau County.



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