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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

Psychologist in Rockville Centre, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy in Rockville Centre

Today’s world is filled with stresses and challenges. The time we spend focusing on our jobs, relationships, and day to day life often leaves little time for our mental health. Yet the time we take to care for our mental health affects our handling the challenges we face every day. The Rockville Centre psychologists at Long Island Psychology are here to work with our clients to help you prioritize your mental health once again, and give you the tools you need to thrive in today’s stressful world.

Our Rockville Centre therapy caters to clients seeking treatment for anything from a mental health condition to trauma recovery to a simple lack of satisfaction for where they are in life. We work with each client, couple, or family individually, developing personalized strategies with you so that you can recognize your best self. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our practice, call us at (516) 732-0273. We are located 100 N Village Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

Always Accepting New Clients at Long Island Psychology

With an office here in Rockville Centre, we want to make therapy convenient and comfortable for our clients. We offer a welcoming space with psychologists who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. They take the time to understand your needs and create a personalized treatment plan.

We have couples therapy and therapy for individuals, including senior, adolescent, and pediatric therapy. Our team of psychologists, led by Dr. Marc Shulman, are trained to work with clients at every life stage and from any background. We focus on understanding you as an individual, and all that makes your situation unique, so that we can treat a variety of conditions in a way that will be most effective for you.

Individual Mental Health Services We Provide – Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, and More

As your Rockville Centre psychologists, we are your partners in your treatment and recovery. We help you set and reach your goals for wellness in ways that fit in with your identity and lifestyle.

Whatever you struggle with, we have treatments, techniques, and methods that can help you manage your symptoms and confront the issues you struggle with. We use techniques that are effective in providing:

  • Depression Counseling – Depression is the leading mental health condition in Rockville Centre, one that causes many people to struggle. Whether you already have a diagnosis or have noticed depressive symptoms yourself, we work with clients to help you manage and reduce depression.
  • Anxiety Counseling – Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, and more can keep you from ever feeling comfortable. We provide you with management techniques and tools to help decrease your anxiety as we work to address the root causes.
  • PTSD Counseling – Your mind and body’s natural response after a traumatic event can cause severe and ongoing anxiety. A psychologist will help you process past traumas and build coping mechanisms to mitigate the effects of anxiety in the meantime.
  • Addiction Counseling – We work with clients that find themselves addicted to gambling, alcohol or drugs, sex or pornography, and more to help you reclaim control over your life. Therapy can help you address both physiological and psychological dependencies in order to break down addiction.
  • Children and Adolescents Therapy – We are trained in the emotional needs and communication methods unique to younger clients. For those at any age, we help clients verbalize their thoughts and worries and teach strategies to help children and teens through challenging moments.
  • Women’s Issues – Women who are struggling with self-esteem, mental health, relationships, or concerns relating to motherhood can find support through therapy. We have expertise in the specific problems women face and solutions to build confidence, reduce depression, focus on family, and more.
  • Life Transition Counseling – A new job, a move, the beginning or end of a relationship – these events often result in changes which can bring stress, uncertainty, and a feeling of being out of control. Our Rockville Centre therapy can help you deal with changes, both with your circumstances and the resulting emotions.
  • Grief Counseling – After major loss, such as the loss of a loved one, we are there with you through the grieving process. We can provide tools for coping with the loss and give you the support you need during this time.
  • Senior Care – Aging brings its own changes. We work with older members of the population to guide you through coping with retirement, health concerns, altered relationships, loss of friends and loved ones, and other challenges you face.
  • LGBT Counseling – From mental health conditions to concerns specifically around your identity or coming out, we work with all members of the LGBT community. We also offer therapy for friends and family members looking to understand the needs of an LGBT individual.

We recognize that everyone is at a different place and dealing with different struggles, so these are only some of the groups, life moments, and mental health conditions we work with. Our Rockville Centre psychologists are here to treat you like the unique person you are, with strategies that are based on you.

Rockville Centre Couples Counseling 

 Relationship therapy can help you grow or rebuild trust and communication. At Long Island Psychology, we provide couples therapy to those in happy relationships, those in danger of failing, and any relationship in between.

Our couples counselors start by identifying the problems at the root of your relationship struggles or areas that could be strengthened. From there, they can guide couples to work together through:

  • Premarital Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Restoring Trust After Infidelity
  • Preventing Divorce
  • Co-Parenting Guidance

Our local psychologists approach relationship counseling objectively and without judgement. We avoid taking sides and instead focus on helping the two of you to understand each other and work together. A couples therapy treatment asks that both members of the relationship approach sessions with openness and a willingness to improve.

We also provide singles counseling in which we consider your past and present relationships, and individual relationship counseling for those in marriages or couples that want to get guidance individually. This form of relationship counseling makes it possible to better understand yourself and build successful relationships in the future.

Family Therapy, Group Workshops, Resilience Training, and More

Individual and couples therapy are only two of the methods we offer for guiding our clients to their mental health and wellness goals in Rockville Centre. But there are several other ways we meet your needs from group therapy to generalized programs that use psychological principles to strengthen thought processes.

Families struggling with communication, shifting relationships from a divorce or blending of families, or other issues can turn to family therapy. In these sessions we work with some or all members of a family to resolve issues together.

Group therapy and group workshops enable clients to explore and advance their understanding of themselves and their mental health. Workshops are led by our trained psychologists using the latest proven techniques for improving coping skills.

Our unique resilience training program is another means of helping you overcome obstacles and adversity in your life. We work in partnership with you to develop your abilities to handle stress, rebuild after setbacks, and use positive thinking. The goal of resilience training is to help you succeed in any area, including career and relationships, while empowering you to find contentment every day.

Our Approach to Therapy at Long Island Psychology

Our team is made up of clinical psychologists with years of experience in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds. They strive to understand each client’s unique perspective and use their background of training and experience to create informed treatment plans that are specific to you.

They approach therapy with many of the modern modalities that make it possible to meet a variety of different psychotherapy needs. Some of those they use include:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Dynamic Experiential Learning, and more

We consider the therapy process one that is constantly evolving. As you work with a psychologist, you will both gain a better understanding of your progress and needs. Your treatment plan evolves with you, based on your feedback, so that you are always getting the most from therapy.

Our Rockville Centre, NY office is the location where we meet the majority of our local clients, although we also have an office in Garden City, NY and one in Roslyn Heights. We also offer remote appointments so you can choose the solution that fits into your lifestyle and schedule.

Set Up Your Appointment with Long Island Psychology

Searching for the right Rockville Centre psychologist, even if you’ve been in therapy before, is a great first step to taking care of your mental health. We want to welcome you to our practice and are here to answer any questions you might have about therapy. If you have a therapist in mind, we can arrange an appointment.

We can also help you choose which psychologist will be the best fit for you once we learn more about your experiences and reasons for seeking therapy. Call us today to get started.

FAQ About Rockville Centre Therapy

Q: What Is the Cost for a Therapy Session?

A: Please contact us for pricing so that we can discuss your particular needs and get started in building a treatment plan.

Q: Do You Provide Telehealth Counseling?

A: Yes, we do. We have options for both phone and video chat therapy sessions for those that feel more comfortable at home or are looking to fit therapy into a travel schedule. The technology we use allows us to build the same connection and make progress towards your therapy goals as if you were meeting in person with your therapist.

Q: Are You Part of Any Insurance Networks?

A: We are not in network with any insurance. However, we are able to provide invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for out of network coverage if you are eligible. Your insurer can provide more information on eligibility.

Q: Is It Possible to Schedule a Session After Normal Business Hours?

A: Yes, with limited availability. We know that many clients’ work schedules prevent them from getting therapy during business hours on weekdays and do our best to accommodate. Contact us to find out more about scheduling options.

Q: Are My Therapy Sessions Confidential?

A: Absolutely. Any discussions during your sessions or diagnoses you receive as a result of therapy are never disclosed unless required by law. Please note that some insurance companies require a diagnosis for payment processing, in which case your diagnosis would be on record. This does not apply to cash payments.

Q: What Precautions Are You Taking Against COVID for In Person Appointments?

A: We are meeting all local and state guidelines for health and safety. This includes social distancing, consistent mask wearing by both clients and therapists, and regular cleaning. For those clients who feel safer at home, we also offer phone and online therapy.

If you have any questions about individual, group, or couples therapy (marriage counseling) or about working with a psychologist/therapist please do not hesitate to call.

We have offices in Garden City, Rockville Centre, and Roslyn Heights, NY. We also have remote therapy options available. If you need help on Long Island on or near Nassau County, contact Long Island Psychology, today. 


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We have three offices, all located not far from East Rockaway, giving you an opportunity to find the location that you're most comfortable driving toward. We also have a psychotherapy team that is fully committed to making sure that you are feeling your absolute best at all times. If you are ready to get started, and would like to learn more about why Long Island Psychology is the best choice for your mental healthcare, please contact our team today.


(516) 732-0273

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