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Therapy for Depression in Oceanside, NY with Long Island Psychology

Depression Help in Oceanside

Many adults and teens in Oceanside will experience a form of depression at some point in their lives. While depression is often not a permanent condition, getting help with your depression from a Long Island clinical psychologist can help you reduce the symptoms of depression and put you on the path towards recovery.

Long Island Psychology offers depression treatment in Oceanside from Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil, two experienced depression therapists whose range of methods are built around your needs to provide personalized help that will benefit you. Get more information about our psychology practice at (516) 732-0273.

Our Depression Help via In-Person and Telehealth Appointments 

We offer treatments for depression in Oceanside from two locations on Long Island with offices at Rockville Center and Garden City to provide more convenient access wherever you are living or working in Long Island.

But we also know that busy schedules and obligations often cannot be put on hold even when you are dealing with depression and a short distance can be too far. That is why we also offer virtual appointments via phone or video chat that provide the same quality depression help wherever you are located.

If you have any questions about which method is right for you, we are also happy to explain what you can expect from depression treatment in Oceanside and assist you in choosing the right solution. 

Types of Depression We Treat

Depression occurs in several different forms and while we build our treatment plan around your specific experiences and goals, it is still helpful to establish a diagnosis to guide treatment. We work with clients experiencing major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, persistent depressive disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.

The differences between these types of depression will often impact the intensity and duration of the symptoms you experience. In general, many of these symptoms will be similar across the various types of depression and include: 

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, worthless, or empty.
  • Experiencing frequent anger and frustration.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Sleeping excessively or experiencing insomnia.
  • Increased physical health problems.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy.
  • Trouble with relationships and connecting with others.
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

With bipolar disorder, you may also experience episodes of mania which include dramatically increased energy and potentially feelings of euphoria or invincibility. These episodes alternate with the symptoms of depression.

For any form of depression, you may be able to identify an experience in your life that triggered your symptoms, such as loss of a loved one or a stressful life change. But for many other people, depression occurs seemingly without cause as chemicals in your brain change to alter your thoughts and behavior.

How Our Oceanside, NY Depression Treatment Works 

The depression therapy we provide at Long Island Psychology relies on an individualized approach. Starting from your diagnosis, goals, and previous experiences, we design a treatment plan for you that might include:

  • Therapy Modalities – The different modalities in psychotherapy are ways of approaching treatment. We often draw from modalities like CBT, Dynamic Experiential Learning, and Positive Psychology, using techniques from these various modalities to teach coping skills, reconcile past experiences, and help you positively alter your emotions and thoughts.
  • Support with Lifestyle Changes – Based on your unique situation, Dr. Shulman or Dr. Wertentheil can suggest mindfulness practices and various changes in your life that promote mental and physical well being.
  • Coping Skills – A part of treatment will often involve sharing skills you can use when your mood drops or you feel impacted by stress to help you navigate these complicated situations.
  • Comprehensive Treatment – For many of our patients, depression occurs alongside other mental health challenges such as anxiety, grief and loss, or life transitions. We are experienced in treating all of these different conditions and can work with you on treatment that provides relief for a variety of symptoms.

We continue to grow and adjust our approach to your treatment over time. This largely depends on the effort you contribute to the process, your commitment to exploring new ideas, and how your depression responds to various forms of treatment.

Why Seek Depression Help from Long Island Psychology? 

Depression is a highly treatable mental health condition, but not necessarily an easy one to recover from. Partnering with the right psychologist to help you treat depression, one who can offer effective tools, skills, and coping mechanisms while also approaching your situation with understanding and compassion, is key to helping you improve your mental well being. 

Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil have the experience to help you direct your energy towards lasting changes that will help you manage your depression, as well as other mental health conditions you may be experiencing, for enduring improvement to your mental well being. 

As clinical psychologists, Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil have many years of education and experience. They work with a wide range of demographics to successfully treat depression and are ready to use their range of methods and innovative solutions to also help you. 

Seeking treatment for depression in Oceanside can be an overwhelming experience, but we are happy to answer any more questions you may have before getting started, as well as help you decide which doctor will best suit your needs. Contact us at (516) 732-0273 or request an appointment through our online form.

FAQs About Depression Help in Oceanside 

Q: Do You Take Any Insurance?

A: We do not bill insurance directly, but are considered an out of network provider for many providers. You may be able to file your bill with your insurer for payment, although we recommend contacting them in advance for more information on their process and what services they will cover.

Q: Is My Depression Treatment Confidential? 

A: Yes, unless we are required by law to disclose information, we will not discuss your treatment with anyone but you. We also offer the ability to pay in cash for complete confidentiality since some insurers will require you to disclose your diagnosis.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Treat Depression?

A: With so many types of depression and individual situations, everyone is different. When it comes to the length of time, we encourage you to approach treatment with an openness to try new things and a commitment to putting energy into improving your mood. This can help speed up the process.

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We have three offices, all located not far from East Rockaway, giving you an opportunity to find the location that you're most comfortable driving toward. We also have a psychotherapy team that is fully committed to making sure that you are feeling your absolute best at all times. If you are ready to get started, and would like to learn more about why Long Island Psychology is the best choice for your mental healthcare, please contact our team today.


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