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Offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre

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For many people, health is not something we pay much attention to until we find that we are feeling less than our best. This is true of mental health as well as physical health, especially in today’s busy world, where it can be easy to neglect your mental health.

But even when you want to prioritize mental wellness, you may not know how to. This is where a trained therapist from Long Island Psychology can help. From mental health diagnoses to relationship troubles, or simply to help you feel more confident and content, our therapists in Great Neck, NY offer personalized therapy to help you be your best.

Our training, diverse experience, and combination of trusted and innovative approaches to therapy make Long Island Psychology a leading choice when you need a therapist in Great Neck, NY. Call us today at (516) 732-0273 to share your experiences and struggles and learn how psychology from licensed individual and couples therapists can help you.

In Person and Remote Therapy for Great Neck Clients

At Long Island Psychology, we have two offices where you can visit with a therapist in person. One is in Garden City, NY and the other is in Rockville Centre, NY. Both provide a welcoming environment for those who wish to drive from Great Neck or work in the area.

Yet we also know that driving to a therapy appointment can be difficult in the midst of your daily life, and causes some people to forego therapy. Because of this, we also offer remote therapy over video chat or telephone. Teletherapy offers the same benefits as in-person therapy. Your psychologist in Great Neck will still take the time to get to know you and foster open communication, all with the convenience of receiving therapy in your home or office.

Individual Therapy with a Personalized Approach

At Long Island Psychology, Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil base their treatment around your specific needs. No one understands your mental wellbeing, personality, and history as well as you, so we work together to determine your challenges, devise an approach that will help you understand your thoughts and feelings, and set you on the right track to reach your goals.

Our individualized approach enables us to offer therapy for all of the common mental health concerns that you may face, including:

  • Anxiety Therapy – Anxiety can take many different forms. Social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, a phobia, or PTSD after a stressful event can keep you from experiences you used to enjoy or fulfillment at work and at home. We help you work through the cause of the anxiety and manage the symptoms it causes.
  • Depression Therapy – Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in Great Neck, and its impact can be devastating. From clinical depression to seasonal depressive disorder, we can help you find contentment and minimize feelings of emptiness and sadness.
  • Addiction Therapy – Gambling addictions, alcoholism, sex or pornography addiction, and other behaviors can leave you feeling out of control. We provide the support you need to step back from your addition, avoid relapse, and create healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Women’s Issues Therapy – Women can struggle with a variety of challenges throughout their lives. We help clients with life changes, careers, motherhood, postpartum depression, eating disorders, miscarriage, and more.

We also offer therapy for all the different demographics living here in Great Neck, New York. If you are a senior coping with loss and life changes, an LGBTQ individual considering coming out, or have a young child in need of pediatric therapy, we have the experience to help you through your challenges.

Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil have worked extensively with people of all ages and backgrounds and have the knowledge to guide you through issues specific to your identity, or simply to improve your overall mental health.

Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling in Great Neck

Relationship therapy can help couples at any stage of the relationship whether you want to work at repairing damaged trust and communication, part ways amicably, or strengthen an already loving relationship. Dr. Shulman and Dr. Wertentheil provide different approaches to couples counseling in Great Neck, including:

  • Marriage Counseling – Marriage can be a struggle and a source of joy. If you want to improve communication, build mutual understanding, and strengthen your bond, marriage counseling can help no matter where you are starting from.
  • Premarital Counseling – Before marriage, premarital counseling from one of our licensed marriage counselors can help you take the next step in your relationship with a positive and strong foundation.
  • Divorce Mediation – If your relationship is ending, we can assist you in navigating divorce in a healthier way by keeping communication open and any negotiations around the separation amicable. We can also help you deal with lingering feelings caused by the divorce.
  • Family Counseling – Traditional families, blended families, estrangement, families going through a divorce or loss – there are many difficulties a family can face. We can work with adults, teenagers, and children separately and together to build a stronger family relationship.
  • Infidelity Counseling – Cheating can be a significant breach of trust between partners. From dealing with the emotions that accompany infidelity to rebuilding trust if that is your goal, we can help you recover after cheating damages the relationship.

Individuals can also learn a lot about themselves in the context of a relationship. At Long Island Psychology, we offer a unique individual relationship therapy that can include breakup counseling or strategies for learning from past relationships and forming healthy, fulfilling ones in the future.

Resilience Training, Group Therapy, and Other Mental Wellness Solutions

Every person has different challenges and experiences in their life. For this reason, there is no single therapeutic approach that will work for everyone, and so we strive to offer a diverse set of therapy services to our patients in Great Neck.

Our resilience training program is a unique workshop designed to help you manage stress and overcome setbacks in a positive way. By developing your resilience skills, you will be better equipped to face challenges in your personal and professional life while feeling more satisfied with your day to day life and relationships.

We also offer group therapy on topics like relationships, anxiety, and depression. Our group therapy provides a cost-effective way to explore common problems alongside others, letting you learn from people going through the same difficulties and providing built-in support on your mental health journey.

About Long Island Psychology

You have many options when it comes to choosing a therapist in Great Neck. The ideal therapist will have both the training and experience to help you as well as the compassion you need to feel safe.

We offer all of this and more at Long Island Psychology. Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil are clinical psychologists, meaning they have completed years of education and therapy with clients who are experiencing similar issues to you. They are trained in therapy modalities like:

  • Dynamic Experiential Learning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Gottman Method, and More

But effective psychotherapy requires more than applying a counseling method. We center our therapy around you and your needs, providing an empathetic and judgement free space where we can be your partner in improving your mental health.

Schedule an Appointment with a Trained Clinical Psychologist in Great Neck

Getting started with therapy, or even returning to a therapist after some time away, can seem overwhelming and you may be unsure about opening up. We want you to feel comfortable working with a therapist at Long Island Therapy. Please call our team or use our contact form so we can answer your questions, address any concerns, and set up an initial appointment with you and your therapist.

FAQ About Great Neck Therapy

Q: What Are Your Rates for Therapy?

A: The cost of therapy is going to depend on whether you are receiving individual or couples therapy, the length of visits, and how often we schedule appointments. The best way to learn about our pricing is to call us.

Q: Do You Accept Insurance?

A: We do not bill insurance ourselves, but we are an out of network provider. This means you may be able to submit the bill to your insurer and they will cover the cost for you. We encourage you to contact your medical insurance company to learn if they offer this coverage and how their process works.

Q: I Work a 9 to 5 Job – Do You Offer Evening or Weekend Appointments?

A: Our goal is to make therapy accessible despite your busy schedule. We do offer some after hours sessions with limited availability. Please let us know your scheduling needs and we will discuss your options.

Q: Are My Therapy Sessions Confidential?

A: Yes, unless we are required to release information by law. Otherwise we never discuss your diagnosis or our conversations with an outside party. You can also pay in cash instead of going through insurance for additional privacy.

Q: How Does Your Telehealth Therapy Work?

A: We use a HIPAA compliant video chatting platform or speak over the phone in the same way we would for an in-person appointment. Our therapists are trained to form the same level of trust and foster conversation with remote therapy so you are still receiving the same high quality care.

Q: How Can I Tell If Therapy Is Right for Me?

A: Going to therapy can be a big decision, but the majority of people find it extremely helpful. The truth is that if you are seeking improvement in an aspect of your life and willing to put in the effort, therapy can help you. It does not matter if you have a condition you are coping with or consider yourself a content individual. Of course, we are always happy to discuss your personal situation and help you determine if Long Island Psychology is a good fit.

Contact Long Island Psychology Today to Get Started

Long Island Psychology specializes in providing mental health treatments to adults of all ages that need help overcoming their mental health struggles. We are able to work with patients that are experiencing pain and provide appropriate mental health solutions based on your symptoms and experiences. Contact us today to get started.


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