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Psychologist in Bethpage, NY – Therapy from Long Island Psychology

Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Bethpage

There are many circumstances in a person’s life that can lead them to feel out of control, unhappy, or far from the place they want to be. These challenges are often difficult to deal with on our own, particularly for someone who is caught up in thoughts and emotions that are overwhelming them. Working with a psychologist is one way to step back from difficult thoughts, destructive behaviors, relationship struggles, and a range of other concerns.

At Long Island Psychology, our team of therapists provides both in-person and virtual therapy to meet the different needs of our clients in Bethpage. We support individuals, couples, and families with a personalized and judgment free approach. Get more information on psychotherapy in Bethpage at (516) 732-0273 and make an appointment.

Currently Accepting Patients for In Person and Virtual Therapy in Bethpage

When a person is living with a mental health condition, dealing with a change or stress, or is facing a setback in your relationship, the rest of your routine and responsibilities do not go away. This can make it difficult to find the time for therapy.

We aim to make it as straightforward as possible to get the help you need with three offices near Bethpage for in-person visits. We have one office located in Roslyn Heights, as well as two additional offices in Garden City and Rockville Centre.

But we also know that even a short drive can be too far when you have a busy schedule. For patients who prefer it, each of our therapists offers virtual therapy as well. This gives you the option to connect with your therapist through telehealth – generally video chat or phone – from wherever you are, which can be more convenient and potentially more comfortable.

Individual Counseling Services We Offer in Bethpage

We center our approach and treatment plans around each client’s specific goals. For many of our clients, this means learning to manage the symptoms of different mental health conditions. For others, it entails processing a transition or recent event. Other clients may be looking for ways to decrease stress or build positivity.

We start by learning about these goals so that we can devise the right therapy plan. Some of the different therapies that we most commonly offer include:

  • Depression Therapy – Hundreds of adults and teenagers suffer from depression every year. The different tools we provide in depression therapy in Bethpage, often using techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, can help you alter the emotions and many of the physical symptoms of depression. This can be effective for all types of depression including general depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, and others.
  • Treatment for Anxiety – More and more people in Bethpage are dealing with anxiety and more lasting forms of stress and worry. Often, the thinking that causes anxiety leads to a cycle that can be hard to break. Our goal with anxiety treatment is to help you stop the anxious response that comes with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and other anxiety disorders and establish more constructive responses and thought patterns.
  • Addictions Therapy – Addictions therapy provides treatment solutions to help you break a cycle of addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or other substances or behaviors. We provide support and honesty without judgment to help you overcome your addiction for good, teaching skills like this how to respond to triggers, build healthy responses, and deal with mental health concerns that may correlate with addiction.
  • Therapy for Women’s Issues – Many women will face specific concerns in their life having to do with motherhood, childbirth, and careers. Women’s therapy provides a space to examine these different concerns and find relevant solutions that take into account the specific challenges that women face.
  • Therapy for Seniors – Aging, losing friends and loved ones, and increased risk of medical issues are some of the few challenges that many older adults will face. Our team can help you process losses, manage symptoms of depression, and assist you with any other concerns you may be facing.
  • Pediatric Therapy – Children and teenagers face a range of emotional upset and specific challenges, yet they often do not have the emotional tools to deal with them yet. Our pediatric therapists are specifically trained to work with children and provide support for issues like trauma, loss, and depression in ways children can relate to.
  • ADHD Therapy – ADHD can cause children to struggle at school and at home with grades, behavioral issues, and a lack of focus. Adults with ADHD can also have problems with work and focus. ADHD treatment provides different ways to overcome the challenges that ADHD presents.

Our treatment options are also not only limited to these concerns. We work with all ages and people from a wide range of groups have experienced a range of different concerns. We are able to adjust our approach and apply the specific types of psychological solutions each of our clients need. 

Relationship Therapy from Experienced Couples Counselors in Bethpage

Although many people find fulfillment in relationships, building and maintaining a happy relationship with a partner is not necessarily easy. Our couples counselors can help you overcome setbacks, ineffective communication, and other relationship problems you face along the way with:

  • Marriage Counseling 
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Counseling After Infidelity 
  • Divorce Prevention 

We also offer therapy for families and individuals in regard to relationships. Individual relationship counseling can help you find more fulfillment in current and future relationships by building your own interpersonal skills, developing a better understanding of what you want from relationships, and helping you make stronger connections.

Family counseling works with families of all types to navigate different interpersonal and relationship challenges. It can be especially helpful after a significant event in your family, like loss or divorce, and can help blended families bond. 

Group Therapy and Other Therapy Solutions for Bethpage Clients

In addition to our individual and couples therapy, Long Island psychology also offers group therapy. This format addresses many of the same problems as individual and couples therapy with different groups focusing on different conditions and goals. Group therapy can often be more affordable and provides you with a built in support system and the opportunity to learn from people who are experiencing similar challenges.

Another one of our options at Long Island Psychology is our resilience training program. This program breaks resiliency down into a number of teachable skills such as grit, setback recovery, determination, and optimism. By providing our clients with these skills, we can help them to become more resilient in their lives and careers. 

About Our Approach to Therapy at Long Island Psychology

Our approach is first and foremost an individualized one. We start by meeting every patient or couple where they are at by learning about your existing challenges and where you want to be, both emotionally and in terms of life goals. This is the information we use to then plan our path forward. This often includes strategies from different psychotherapy modalities like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Gottman Method
  • Positive Psychology, and Others

With each session, we use different tools to give you new insights into your thoughts, behaviors, and past experiences. Ideally, these will help you reach important conclusions about yourself. We will encourage you to try out new skills that will mitigate negative symptoms in your life and help you start making the changes you want to see.

In many ways, therapy from Long Island Psychology will challenge you, but it is always a dynamic and collaborative process with your therapist where you can count on continued support from an experienced therapist on our team. 

Start Your Journey to Better Wellbeing and Happiness – Contact Long Island Psychology Today 

Dr. Marc Shulman and his team of psychologists at Long Island Psychology are able to provide you with the support you need. The best way to get started is to contact our team to learn more about each of the therapists on our staff and which one will be the right fit for you. We can also answer different questions about therapy in Bethpage and schedule your first appointment. Reach out at (516) 732-0273 or via the online contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

FAQs About Therapy in Bethpage

Q: Are There Appointments on Evenings and Weekends? 

A: The majority of our appointments are during standard business hours, but we do have a small number of after hours appointments available for patients who work. You can discuss the different options with your therapist. 

Q: Can I Pay with Insurance?

A: Long Island Psychology is not in network with any insurance, but depending on your coverage, you may still be able to have therapy covered with us as an out of network provider. You should contact your insurance for coverage information and billing instructions. 

Q: Is Therapy Confidential?

A: Yes, we keep your diagnosis confidential, as well as what we discussed in sessions. The only exception is if we were required to disclose a diagnosis by law. You can get further confidentiality by paying in cash rather than going through your insurance as many insurances require a diagnosis for coverage.

Q: How Do I Know If Therapy Will Help Me?

A: Although there are no guarantees with therapy, many people with mental health conditions find it extremely beneficial to speak with a therapist and the majority of our patients see results. If you come to the process open minded and are willing to put in the effort to make changes, there is a good chance that therapy will help you.

Q: How Much Does Therapy in Bethpage Cost?

A: We offer multiple different kinds of therapy and the price varies for each one. For this reason, we recommend calling our office so that we can provide specific pricing for your sessions.

Contact Long Island Psychology Today to Get Started

Long Island Psychology specializes in providing mental health treatments to adults of all ages that need help overcoming their mental health struggles. We are able to work with patients that are experiencing pain and provide appropriate mental health solutions based on your symptoms and experiences. Contact us today to get started.


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