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Offices in Garden City and Rockville Centre

Coronavirus care

The current coronavirus pandemic, with both its known and unknown consequences, is evoking many feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and uncertainty about how to maintain mental, emotional and physical health.

We are here to help during this stressful, confusing, and unpredictable time!

Our psychotherapy services remain operational throughout this crisis.

  • In an effort to flatten the curve and abide by social distancing regulations, we are offering remote sessions (teletherapy) via phone or video. We value every one of our patients and will do everything in our power to ensure the same quality of care that is a staple of our practice.
  • At Long Island Psychology, we highly value the therapeutic bond we are able to build with our patients and we stay committed to providing the same degree of support, warmth and care via teletherapy.
  • Research has consistently shown that teletherapy yields similar effective outcomes and levels of patient satisfaction as in-person therapy. Our individualized approach to patient care will allow us to continue making sure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs, concerns, and goals for treatment.
  • Necessary measures will be taken to protect patient confidentiality and to provide a safe space for patients to discuss and navigate their challenges.


How Teletherapy Works:

  • We offer the option of a phone or video session. We are willing to accommodate whichever option feels most comfortable and makes most sense for you. Feel free to discuss any concerns about these methods with us.
  • Whether we agree to speak by phone or video, we will connect at your designated appointment time and will speak for the full 45- or 60-minute duration of your session.
  • For video sessions, we will decide together on the platform that we plan to use for our meetings. Please remain patient as we work together to address any technical difficulties that may occur on either end.
  • For children and other patients who may need help connecting, please designate someone who can assist in the process of setting up your video.


Getting the most out of Teletherapy:

  • Work to find a secure, quiet space where you will feel most at ease and will experience the least interruptions during your session.
  • If speaking by phone, please silence any notifications and try not to use the speaker function in order to make sure we can hear each other clearly.
  • Enable camera access on your device and make sure you have a stable connection to the Internet.
  • Make sure to position yourself and your computer in a way that will minimize glare on your screen from natural or room lighting.


Potential benefits you can expect from therapy during this global pandemic:

  • Reduced feelings of stress/anxiety as you work to cope with changes or transitions resulting from the current situation.
  • Improved strategies for self-care and practical/behavioral suggestions for maintaining motivation, productivity, and morale.
  • Support and guidance with managing the challenges of juggling multiple schedules and demands while caring for other family members, such as children who are home from school.
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as a boost in the quality of your immediate and extended relationships.


Learn more by contacting Long Island Psychology today at (516) 732-0273.

For helpful information on how to prioritize mental health during the coronavirus pandemic and for suggestions on ways to maintain productivity and morale while working from home, please review some of the posts below:

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