Types of Issues That Can Be Addressed with Relationship Group Therapy in Long Island

One of the services I am most proud to offer here in Long Island is my new group therapy service with a focus on relationships, dating, and marriage. Although there are group therapy options available for couples, this group is focused on individuals – those that are looking for ways to build trust, improve communication, overcome anxiety, and more.

What Can You Address in Group Counseling?

There is more than one type of group therapy. My goal, as a Long Island Psychologist, is to put you with a group of people that are all trying to work on their relationship skills, while encouraging support and community from one another. Within these sessions, you will have the opportunity to build relationship skills that will help you have higher quality relationships, and live a higher quality life.

Group therapy sessions for relationships allow you to focus on any topic that matters to you, including:

  • Social Anxiety and Self Confidence – Many single men and women struggle to meet people because they are trying to fight social anxiety problems and self-esteem issues. Group therapy for self esteem gives you an opportunity to learn how to overcome anxiety, how to talk with people that you’re interested in, and how to maintain relationships after you’ve found them.
  • Commitment and Partner Choice – Group therapy can also focus on issues with commitment – both for those that commit too easily, and those that struggle to commit or constantly wonder if there is someone else or someone better out there. Within these sessions we can talk about and learn more about how to choose a partner, how to know when to commit, how to know when to stay together, and what prevents you from continuing a long, healthy relationship.
  • Relationship Growth, Trust, and Communication – Group therapy can also train you in strategies to help you communicate better, grow as a couple, overcome trust issues, and so much more. Many individuals are looking for ways to improve and build upon their relationship, and group therapy is one of the best ways to do this.

Group therapy helps you share in the experience of others, learn from others, support others, and feel like you have to be accountable to others. These benefits are what make relationship group therapy in Long Island so valuable, and why so many people in New York benefit from these types of group therapy sessions. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at (516) 732-0273.