The Value of Spirituality

Some people have religion. Others do not. Your belief system is something unique to you, and whether you embrace a God or not, you should feel yourself free to believe whatever it is you want to believe, how you want to believe it. We are all free to believe the way that means the most to us.

But no matter your religion (or lack of one), it does help to embrace a type of consistent spirituality. Spirituality brings benefits to a person’s life that improve fulfillment and mental health. You don’t need a religion to be spiritual, and you are not necessarily spiritual just because you have a deep religion.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is simply the belief in some type of higher power. This differs from religion, which is the adherence to a specific belief system.

By “Higher Power,” we do not necessarily mean a god, nor do we mean a fate/destiny determined by something else, or any type of afterlife. Higher power simply means an internal feeling that you have a purpose. You have a reason for being that is unique to you, and that you are a life that matters in some way.

  • For Atheists and Agnostics: This means that, even if you believe that evolution brought us to where we are now, you still have a role to play in how the world moves forward. It is embracing your role in the “butterfly effect” – that a world without your presence and actions would be a very different world, and that you can make your role matter.
  • For Those with Religion: This does NOT mean that you are not in control of your actions or the results of those actions. Rather, it means that you feel genuinely in touch with your belief system at a deep level, and that you see meaning from what you believe God has for you.

Spirituality provides meaning beyond the self. It helps people find purpose in day to day living. It also helps promote relaxation and can assist with feelings of depression and anxiety. It helps you recognize that there is always something more, and always a reason to keep on moving forward.

Religion is also deeply personal. But spirituality is something that can be talked about, taught, and discussed openly in a way that makes it ideal for your mental health. If you would like to talk about the role spirituality plays in your life, please call me today at (516) 732-0273.