The Importance of Daily Gratitude

Because of the hectic nature of our lives, it is not uncommon to find that there are many things that are taken for granted or lost in a sea of negativity. From work to kids to money, it’s easy to let the positive things in your life fall into the shadows of the issues that you’re facing. This is why I strongly recommend to many of my patients that they complete an activity for daily gratitude.

Daily Gratitude For Increased Positivity

This is a simple yet significant idea. It’s something that sounds almost silly, but can have very powerful benefits when you commit to the behavior. Every day, you should take time to express your gratitude for the positive things that are going on in your life, whether big or small, such as:

  • The quality time you spend with your partner.
  • The care of your friends and/or family.
  • The status of your health.
  • The taste of your coffee.
  • The conversations of your coworkers.
  • The speed of your commute.

You can say them out loud, think them, write them or find another way to express what you are grateful for, but be sure to be as specific as possible, and fit in the time for this each and every day.

I also recommend not only reflecting on what you have, but also proactively anticipating the things you know will be a positive part of your day by making a specific effort to take pleasure in them when they occur. When you’re grateful for things you know will happen and notice them when they occur, it can also help to make your day brighter.

Why Daily Gratitude?

Spending time working on daily gratitude has many benefits. First, it is a reminder of the good you do have in your life, and does not let the negative or tedious things cause you to forget the good. Second, it helps you notice when positive things happen, rather than ignore them in favor of the negative things.

Finally, it is simply an additional feeling of positivity that is often lost in our busy lives. Spending a little bit of time doing something positive for yourself can have powerful benefits. I am a firm believer that daily gratitude strategies are beneficial for improving your sense of wellness, and the positivity in your daily life.