Signs an Individual May Benefit from Relationship Counseling in Long Island

Many people see relationship counseling as a tool that is used only by couples who are in committed relationships. This is not necessarily true, as both single individuals and individuals that want to see a therapist alone visit relationship counselors as well. This is because many people struggle with challenges when it comes to finding and sustaining healthy relationships.

Those that find that they are having a hard time in their relationships may find that they struggle with many common issues, including:

  • Fear of commitment.
  • Lack of confidence in themselves or their relationship.
  • Struggles overcoming challenges with dating and previous history.
  • Trouble communicating or expressing themselves.
  • Challenges with other mental health issues that cause rifts in their relationship.

For those who are single, it takes confidence, faith, and conviction to start a new relationship. For those in relationships, it takes giving all of your heart. Individual Long Island relationship counseling is meant to help fix many of the issues that make finding and holding on to a great relationship challenging. Some examples of what we may cover in couples counseling include the following:

Recovering From An Abusive Relationship

If your current or previous relationship was abusive, attending relationship therapy may be a wise choice. The emotional and physical toll that an abusive relationship takes on a person can be difficult to navigate alone. Working with a relationship counselor to uncover any problems that need to be dealt with can make it easier to overcome and maintain another relationship in the future.

Struggle with Intimacy

A person who is struggling with intimacy will frequently have a difficult time committing to a romantic relationship. They may not feel like they can get close to a partner or may be unwilling to trust anyone. For those who have a hard time with intimacy, seeing a relationship counselor can help you to overcome your intimacy fears so that you that you can better connect with others.

Have Dating Anxiety

Dating can be stressful, but it shouldn’t fill you with so much anxiety that you are unable to move forward. Frequently, those with severe dating anxiety will avoid meeting new people and feel a general sense of isolation and hopelessness when thinking about possible future relationships, and those currently dating will regularly be looking for escapes or signs the relationship is failing. If you find that you are limited by your anxiety, visiting a relationship therapist can help you to uncover the reasons why.

Relationship Counseling for Individuals in Long Island, Garden City, and Lawrence

Relationships are some of the most fulfilling experiences we have as human beings. So when you find yourself struggling either in a relationship or yet to be in one, relationship counseling can help. Working with a Long Island relationship counselor can help teach you what you need to learn to succeed in your dating and married life and, perhaps even more importantly, working with a counselor can also help you to develop a better relationship with yourself.