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Everyone deserves a happy life. But for many, there are road blocks that get in the way. 

Over time, the stresses of life can cause a person to suffer from anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, addiction, a variety of other challenges that can become hard to bear.

As therapists on Long Island, we know that there are times when you simply do not feel your best. Those feelings may linger, and when they do, it may help to speak to someone that can walk you through it. That’s what we provide at Long Island Psychology.

Our team of therapists use actionable approaches and a non-judgmental ear to guide you through any of the psychological challenges you find yourself facing, and we’re here to make sure that you receive the mental health treatments that you need. If you are looking for a Long Island psychologist, call us today at 516-732-0273.

We have offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre, NY, so we’re always in a convenient location to help you with your struggles.


Call a Psychologist?

Your emotions and thoughts are affected by your mental health. If you are feeling sad, low, worried, hopeless, or any of the many challenging emotions that we face in life, these emotions are being affected by our mental health and stress coping ability.

Mental health challenges are also very treatable. Therapy uses research-based approaches with decades of supporting evidence to guide you towards recovery. Here at Long Island Psychology, we use an approach called dynamic experiential learning combined with cognitive behavioral therapy and other related treatments. We listen, we advise, and we help get to know you until we can determine what will help you the most.

Therapy for Depression

Throughout Long Island, depression is one of the most common challenging mental health conditions. It can make you feel low, sad, uninspired, sleepy, unmotivated, or “nothing at all.” Therapy for depression helps to address these issues by teaching you how to cope with negative feelings, promote good ones, and evaluate the thoughts that lead to depressed feelings.

There are different types of depression, each one with different symptoms and each one requiring different approaches to treatment. Examples include:

Long Island Psychology will work on you with stress coping strategies, overcoming obstacles, and finding ways to see positivity no matter how dense the cloud.

Learn more about our depression treatments.

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is more than a feeling of being worried. It is a combination of physical and mental symptoms that touches nearly everything you do. Many people live for years struggling with anxiety, hoping to get it under control and manage it. Some days may be worse than others, leading you to put off treatment. Anxiety is also a condition that can make it seem like there is no end in sight.

But anxiety responds incredibly well to treatment, provided you seek it out from a therapist that specializes in effective anxiety treatments. There are also different forms of anxiety to consider, including:

There are so many treatments out there for anxiety, but therapy is by far the most successful, and historically brings outstanding results. Contact us today if you struggle with anxiety and would like to learn more about our anxiety treatments.

Learn more about anxiety therapy with Long Island Psychology.

Therapy for Addiction

Long Island is not far from Atlantic City, and throughout NY and NYC, there are opportunities for alcohol, drugs, and other vices. Addiction is a common struggle – in all forms – and when someone struggles with addiction it is often very difficult to break the habits on their own.

When Long Island psychologist Dr. Marc Shulman started this therapy group, addiction was one of his primary foci, because he’s seen the way it can affect those of any age throughout the area. We offer treatment for all forms of addiction, including:

We also work with those that are compulsive eaters, and those that struggle with hording issues (often related to anxiety/OCD). Whatever your struggles, we are here to help.

Learn more about our addiction therapy on Long Island.

Individual Relationship Counseling

We do provide couples counseling services for those in need. But couples are made up of two individuals, and as an individual, you may need your own specific help with your relationships – whether you’re currently in a relationship or not.

From recovering after infidelity, trust issues, difficulty with commitment, struggles connecting to others, and so much more, there exists a space where men and women in relationships may simply need someone to talk to in order to make their current or future relationships stronger. That is what our individual relationship counseling service is for, including, but not limited to:

We also counsel those currently in marriages or relationships that are having challenges, and we can also combine individual relationship counseling with traditional couples counseling for those that would like to work things out as a couple. If you feel you would benefit from relationship counseling of any kind, let us know and we’ll help you start the process.

Learn more about our individual relationship counseling service.

Self-Esteem Counseling

Much of therapy is focused on the idea of disorders, like “panic disorder.” But sometimes, what you’re faced with may not fit into a neat little box. That is especially true about those that struggle with their self esteem. Certainly, self-esteem can be leaked to depression or anxiety, but for some it is its own specific issue that a person may need to address in order to live a higher quality of life.

We want to help build you back up so that you are able to create and sustain higher self-esteem so that you feel better about yourself in all different avenues of your life. Let us know by contacting us about our self-esteem therapy service.

Learn more about our self-esteem counseling.

Counseling for Teens

Teens go through their own challenges as they navigate the world of adulthood, come to terms with their maturity, and address newly discovered urges, behaviors, and experiences. It is a rough world out there for a young adult that is going through immense hormonal changes combined with feelings and activities that they have never had to cope with before.

With our treatment for young adults, we’re here to help make sure that your teen – or you – are able to learn how to mesh with this new, bigger world around them, including navigating their relationships, family, and more.

Learn more about teen therapy.

Therapy for Emerging Adults

Becoming an “adult” is not a small life change. It is often a major life transition, as a young person is becoming independent and their sole caretaker for the very first time. It is a transition filled with many new experiences, new concerns, new fears, and a long time spent navigating the unknown.

It is natural to have some powerful emotions during this emerging adult phase. At Long Island Psychology, we are here to help work with you, or your child, preparing them psychologically for the transition to adulthood and providing them with tools to overcome some of the challenges they may face.

Learn More About Therapy for Emerging Adults

Older Adults/Senior Therapy

Mental health isn’t just for the young. It is also for those with experiences that have left them feeling as though they’re ready for more. As you get older, issues that you may not have treated in your youth can become even more significant. In addition, there are new challenges that may arise, from learning to handle a changing body to losing those close to you to repurposing your life after retirement.

There are tens of thousands of baby boomers that are now reaching retirement age, and it helps to speak with Long Island psychologists that know how to listen, understand, and help guide you towards an even better future. It is never to late to seek out therapy for seniors, and we at Long Island Psychology are here to assist you with whatever issues are on your mind most.

Learn more about our senior therapy services.

Grief Counseling 

Grief and loss isn’t just sad. It represents a profound life change that can cause you to feel emotions you never knew were there.

The void that is left when we lose someone or something close to us is a void that is supposed to close with time, and yet for many, the changes that occur after loss and significant life differences can be profound, and thus create a situation where a person is stuck and needs someone to work with them and guide them out.

We provide grief counseling for just that purpose. Grief counseling is useful in the event of loss – both expected and unexpected. It helps you cope with change and figure out how to move forward. 

Learn more about grief counseling.

Life Transitions Therapy

We go through major life changes at many different stages of our life. These changes, no matter whether they’re positive or negative, can contribute to feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, and more. We help those that are going through these life transitions get help moving forward, addressing some of the mental health concerns that may arise and providing guidance to support them as they move forward. Useful for those of all ages, for changes such as retirement, going off to college, empty nesting, and more. 

Learn more about life transitions therapy.

LGBTQ+ Counseling
and Therapy

When someone identifies as gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, or any other sexual identity, that experience can come with its own stressors and challenges.

Between coming out or coming to terms with your identity to the relationship struggles that may result of LGTBQ relationships trying to survive in a cis and straight world, it may help to talk to someone that is open, understanding, and respectful of a person’s truth while also capable of providing excellent quality therapeutic care.

We at Long Island Psychology are here to help, creating a non-judgmental space so that we can talk openly about anything that is on your mind and provide actionable solutions to make your life more pleasurable.

Learn more about our LGBTQ+ counseling and therapy options.

Child Therapy
Play Therapy

Children cannot always communicate the way adults do. But they may still struggle from mental health challenges just the same. When they do, they may need a way to release their inner feelings in a way that is comfortable, with someone that is attuned to signs in order to make sure that they are receiving the help and support they need.

Play therapy and therapy for children provide families and parents with someone that is there to talk to their children and make sure that they are emotionally developing properly. Too often, the needs of children are dismissed as though they will “grow out of it.” It helps to have someone that can make sure that their feelings are a normal part of emotional development.

Learn more about child therapy and play therapy at our Long Island offices.

Therapy in Long Island, NY

There is no wrong time to seek help. If you’re simply struggling to cope with work stress, or you are dealing with issues that are weighing heavily on your day to day life, the sooner you talk to someone the better.

Long Island Psychology has three offices:

We opened these offices so that we could easily travel to locations that are closer and more comfortable for you. We’ll travel to the location that makes the most sense for you, and meet you there in a confidential setting so that you feel free to open yourself up to us. We also have remote therapy available for those that would prefer support at home from anywhere in the state of New York. 

We know that you can overcome your life challenges through individual counseling and therapy sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and experience. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to recovery, please call Long Island Psychology today at 516-732-0273. We are also easy to reach via our contact form, and we will respond to you as fast as we can.

Contact Long Island Psychology Today

If you have any questions about individual, group, or couples therapy (marriage counseling) or about working with a psychologist/therapist please do not hesitate to call.

With offices in Garden City, Roslyn Heights, and Rockville Centre, NY, we’re available for anyone that needs help on Long Island and in Nassau County.


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