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General Psychotherapy / Therapy

General Psychotherapy / Therapy

Are you experiencing difficulties in your daily life?


Therapy with Dr. Marc Shulman (psychologist) may be helpful to you if:

  • You feel like you can get more out of life and want direction.
  • You frequently experience feelings of sadness.
  • You often feel “stressed out” or overwhelmed by daily tasks.
  • You lack self-esteem to feel comfortable with yourself.
  • You want to understand more about yourself.


One of the most crucial aspects of developing a positive perspective on life is to feel comfortable with who you are and the way you live your life, by accessing and expressing the aspects of yourself that make you a unique human being. However, so many of us lack the necessary self-esteem to pursue our goals, or are burdened by feelings of sadness or excessive stress, that interferes with our abilities to function effectively in our day to day lives. Often without realizing it, we become our own worst enemy by creating self-imposed obstacles. One can overcome these seemingly insurmountable challenges and live life to its fullest. It is possible for you stop living your life in fear, but rather based on your strengths where you determine the path of your life. By designing a plan that outlines a clear direction for the future and becoming proactive towards pursuing meaningful goals, you can become more flexible, increase your optimism and consider new possibilities for yourself. It is within your grasp to achieve a genuine sense of confidence and efficacy that empowers you to pursue your aspirations, reach higher levels of self-actualization and ultimately derive more enjoyment out of life.

Therapy / Psychotherapy can enable you to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Learn to mange daily challenges more effectively
  • Overcome obstacles and find solutions
  • Identify what you really want and live on “your terms”
  • Expand your possibilities for the future
  • Pursue your goals with more confidence
  • Live life as an adventure

Dr. Marc Shulman (therapist / counselor) utilizes a unique approach called Dynamic Experiential Learning (DEL), which is designed to help you achieve more satisfaction from life. Please read more about this on the My Approach page.



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