Is Your Partner/Spouse the Most Important Person in Your Life? Should They Be?

Great marriages are not magic. They do not happen by luck. They are not simply due to two people that are so compatible that their marriage is perfect from vows until death.

No, great marriages happen because the right couples know how to put in the work. Those that are married or in long term relationships need to constantly be putting effort into them for them to be successful. Part of this involves prioritizing your partner before anything else:

  • Before Friends
  • Before Family
  • Before Children

It means believing your partner as though it is the most important relationship you have.

Even Before KIDS?! Yes

Couples with children may scoff at the last item on this list. “Our children are our most important relationships” they may say.

But while there is no denying that your children are very important to you, your happiness, their happiness, and the success of your marriage all starts with your connection and depth of love with your partner.

In a great relationship, your partner creates a positive, happy, healthy energy in your home that is a more productive developmental environment for your children. Close relationships give both you and your partner a sense of support and intimacy that no child ever can. As children grow up, change, and move, your partner will continue to be your sense of comfort, and the rock you have when faced with any challenge.

For your children, you are a parent. For your friends, you are a friend. But for you and your partner, you are each other’s main source of emotion. If you both are happy, you can overcome any challenge. But if you are unhappy, your children, friends, and family will not be enough to overcome it.

Investing in your partner – and being your partner’s best friend – is an investment that will have a bitcoin level ROI, because there is simply no other person in your life that has as much control over not only your happiness, but the happiness of your children, family, and friends as well.

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