How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a common struggle. As much as 15% of Long Island residents currently deal with some form of social anxiety, and many more experience a level of discomfort and shyness that, while it may not qualify as “social anxiety,” is still damaging to your day to day life.

Overcoming social anxiety is a challenge, but it is possible. If you’d like to speak with someone with expertise in controlling social anxiety, contact me today at (516) 732-0273 and let social anxiety therapy work for you.

Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety on Your Own

Treating social anxiety on your own is about overcoming fears and decreasing the stress and pressure of social situations. There are several strategies that can help you fight social anxiety challenges, including:

  • Identifying and Calming Symptoms – The first step in overcoming social anxiety on your own is to notice when and how it occurs, and try to figure out what the symptoms are. Far too often those with social anxiety they run away from the symptoms instead of sit and reflect on them. The next time you feel socially anxious, stop and figure out what you’re feeling, and then start trying to calm them individually.
  • Addressing Specific Worries/Concerns – Often social anxiety comes from very specific fears. For example, you may be afraid of embarrassment or judgment. Consider strategies to get used to these feelings. For example, if you’re afraid of embarrassment, try embarrassing yourself on purpose so you get used to the feeling. Go out in public in a silly costume and walk around the city for hours on end, and notice how over time you start to adjust to that feeling and no longer fear it.
  • Connecting with Friends and Family Better – There is a lot of research evidence that social support plays a significant role in your self-confidence and ability to socialize. If you have close friends or family, try getting even closer to them and building those relationships. The more you feel supported by them and the closer you are to them, the less anxious you should feel in social situations.

Social anxiety is not something that disappears overnight. Even with help, overcoming social anxiety takes a considerable amount of commitment. But it is commitment that is well worth it, because when you are able to experience less anxiety in public situations, you’ll often find that your overall happiness level increases dramatically, and your ability to find and maintain relationships improve. Call me today if you want to learn more about social anxiety therapy in Long Island.