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Rockville Centre Relationship Counseling

Rockville Centre Relationship Counseling

It is often hard for people to admit that they are struggling in their relationships. But at some point or another, many individuals and couples can benefit from added support. As time goes on and more conflicts or stresses occur, the more communication and trust can break down in a relationship. Many people in Rockville Centre and Long Island struggle with rifts in their relationships and seek assistance from a trained relationship counselor.

If you are in need of help, contact Dr. Marc Shulman – a Rockville Centre relationship counseling therapist with experience helping individuals and couples across the area improve their relationships – and ultimately their happiness.

Who Benefits from Relationship Therapy?

Relationship therapy is a great choice for individuals and couples. If you’re in a relationship, you may benefit from relationship therapy if:

  • You feel as though you are always walking on eggshells in your relationship
  • You feel betrayed or as if your trust was broken
  • You are struggling to communicate with your partner
  • You feel barriers forming or solidifying between your partner and yourself

You may also simply feel like you’re stuck, unable to grow in your relationship or unable to connect the way you want to. It’s not about what is causing the challenges in your relationship, but when you’re ready to connect with help.

Relationship Counseling in Rockville Centre

Dr. Marc Shulman, a Long Island psychologist, provides a variety of relationship services for couples who are struggling. He utilizes a wealth of research to create strategies that encourage trust building and communication strengthening. His approach provides a safe and engaging environment where it is easy to discuss any struggles or fears that a couple may have.

Relationship counseling is a process, but it can successfully help you improve your communication, build trust, and find the strength to move forward. Learning to better connect with your partner again can be the turning point for many relationships that need to recreate their solid base.

Dr. Shulman also sees individuals that have found that they’re struggling in their relationships and could benefit from talking to someone.

Contact Dr. Marc Shulman Today

If you feel as though you and/or your partner could benefit from communication strategies and trust building, call (516) 732-0273 today to schedule an appointment. Serving Rockville Centre and the Long Island area, Dr. Shulman offers comprehensive services that will assist you in your relationships, and possibly help you in other areas of your life as well.