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Rockville Centre Couples Counseling | Couples Counselor in Rockville Centre and Long Island

Relationship struggles can affect anyone. As time passes, even the strongest relationship can break down as a result of stresses, differing goals, and communication breakdowns. But no matter how a relationship feels or where your relationship currently is, there are often ways that you can bring it back to where it used to be through Rockville Centre couples counseling.

Dr. Marc Shulman – Long Island Psychologist and Couples Counselor

With offices in Garden City and Lawrence, New York, Dr. Marc Shulman provides couples across Rockville Centre with marriage counseling, relationship therapy, divorce prevention, and relationship training, to help strengthen the way you two feel about each other as a couple and to help you work towards greater success in the future.

Throughout your couples counseling sessions, Dr. Shulman will speak to you both individually and as a couple, and work on some of the most important components of a successful relationship, including:

  • Communication – Open, free, non-judgmental communication is often the first area to break down when a relationship starts to struggle. Communication is not simply about talking, but also about doing so in a way that is productive, where both partners are on the same page. Dr. Shulman will provide you with guidance to help support improving communication, and to make sure you’re able to maintain those communication gains in the future.
  • Trust – As a trained Rockville Centre couples counselor, Dr. Shulman will provide you with guidance and tools to help rebuild trust in your relationship. Whether you are married, dating, or separated, developing trust in your partner will make sure that your future communication and emotional wellbeing are stronger than they have been.
  • Intimacy – No matter the stage of your relationship, improving intimacy between both partners is important, as it helps to create more emotional connections and love. Different relationships have different needs, but that connection to your partner is still going to be an important part of healing your relationship, and of understanding each other’s needs.

As a Long Island couples counselor conveniently located near Rockville Centre, Dr. Shulman has provided couples counseling and marriage counseling solutions for many couples in all stages of their relationship, and he would be happy to help you too. Call Dr. Shulman today at (516) 732-0273 to learn more about his couples counseling services in and around Rockville Centre, or to schedule an appointment.