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Merrick Marriage Counseling – With Dr. Marc Shulman in Nassau County, New York

Merrick Marriage Counseling

No one wants to find themselves struggling in their marriage.  The more problems and conflicts increase, the more the dream of “happily ever after” feels like it is starting to shatter. Around Merrick, NY, many couples are finding a hard time communicating. There is broken trust, “walking on eggshells,” and a variety of stresses that make it difficult to see how to put your relationship back together.

Marriage Counseling in Merrick, New York

Whether you just started feeling like your marriage is in trouble or you’re nearing divorce and not sure what to do, marriage counseling in Merrick can help. Decades of research has led to the development of effective techniques for overcoming trust and communication issues, and building up a strong foundation from which to continue to relationship. You and your partner will often find that marriage counseling is what you need to address the issues that have led to this breakdown in marriage, because it provides you with:

  • Safe Communication – In the presence of a Long Island psychologist, you and your partner will feel safe, able to communicate more effectively with each other while a non-partial observer listens and talks you through any communication issues. As a Merrick marriage counselor, it’s not my job to take sides, but rather to help the two of you better understand each other.
  • Accountability – There is a lot of power in knowing that you have to meet with someone regularly to discuss your marriage. That accountability can have a very strong effect on your ability to create lasting, meaningful changes that will ultimately have a beneficial effect on your relationship.
  • Guidance – With my experience as a marriage counselor in Long Island and Merrick, I can provide healthy guidance that directs you in ways that will help you start building your trust, communication, and of course overall happiness up to healthier levels, thus giving you the opportunity to learn more about each other and re-create your strong foundation.

Marriage counseling is a process, but it’s one that has helped millions of couples heal their marriage, and start seeing real gains in the way they connect with each other. Though not all relationships can be saved, most relationships can benefit from learning how best to communicate again, and how to make sure that you both are fully understanding of each other’s needs. It’s never too late to talk to a marriage counselor in Merrick, but the sooner you call the more successful your outcome can be. I have been a Long Island psychologist for many years, and I am confident that working together we can start solving some of your relationship issues. If you’re interested in getting started, give me a call today at (516) 732-0273.