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Merrick Counseling | Counseling and Therapy in Merrick, New York

Merrick Counseling | Counseling and Therapy in Merrick, New York

Everyone has areas of their life that they struggle with. Some people wake up in the morning feeling depressed, stressed, anxious, or sad, and no matter what they do they cannot shake those feelings. It can be difficult for people to find happiness when they are fighting against these types of emotions.

Despite this, every person deserves to feel happy about their life. When you find that you can’t control your life as much as you wanted, and that you need someone to talk to on a regular basis to handle some of life’s pressures, you may benefit from Merrick counseling.

Find Effective Methods for Your Life with a Long Island Therapist

Counseling is one of the most effective, research supported methods of improving mental health and wellness available. It has helped benefit millions of lives, and provides you with a safe and gentle outlet to worth through your day to day problems.

As a Long Island psychologist that is proud to serve the Merrick community, I offer counseling and intensive support services for anyone who is struggling to let go of feelings that are holding them back. I provide services to everyone regardless of your age or gender and offer one on one sessions tailored to your specific struggles. I work with those struggling with a variety of issues, including:

  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Traumas

And I am happy to work with those that do not have any specific mental health challenge, but would like to meet regularly with a Merrick counselor to talk about work stress and other common problems.

With years of experience serving the residents of Merrick and the greater New York area, I know how easy it is to find yourself stuck. It is my goal to help you to overcome any issues in your life. I offer the experience and the support that you need to develop coping tools that will help you to grow and facilitate change, and working together I am confident we can help you reclaim some of the joys in your life.

Benefitting From Experienced Support

Many people can find growth and healing with my therapist services. My approach is specifically designed to help you with life challenges that you may be experience. No matter how hard your life may seem, there are strategies available to help you through difficult times. Together we will address significant struggles and day-to-day issues that come up so that you can find the happiness that you deserve.

If you would like to discuss my Merrick counseling services, feel free to call me today at (516) 731-0273. We can schedule an intake appointment to discuss any concerns you may have and to determine a plan of treatment that will support your needs.