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Marriage Counseling Oceanside | Long Island Marriage Counselor Dr. Marc Shulman

Marriage is unique. It is a bond made up of two distinct people that becomes a single entity. It is something that has to be nourished, cared for, and prioritized, and yet it has to do so without the couple losing touch with who they are individually.

It’s not uncommon for marriages to run into challenge both large and small, and when they do, it may be difficult for both of you to work on these challenges together, and figure out how to balance your own personal interests with those that are better for the relationship.

Oceanside, NY Marriage Counseling Services

When challenges arise, many couples look to marriage counseling – a form of talk therapy that places you in a comfortable, judgment free environment to discuss your problems, better understand both yourself and your partner, and determine the best way to resolve them.

Within my own couples counseling practice, I use a theory of treatment known as “Dynamic Experiential Learning” to assist those that are having marriage problems. This type of treatment involves many unique and effective strategies, including:

  • Discussing the history of your relationship and your time as a couple.
  • Separate meetings with each partner to assess the relationship and its challenges.
  • Periodic meetings as a couple to review growth and promote healthy functioning.
  • Open discussion about both challenges and solutions to resolve those issues.
  • Joint sessions where one individual speaks and the other only listens.

I make it a goal to create an environment that doesn’t take sides, because in marriages there really are two sides to every issue that at least need to be discussed before moving forward. The goal of this type of Oceanside marriage counseling is not only to heal the relationship either – it is also to help you understand yourself, and the role you play as an individual within the partnership.

Convenient Offices and Flexible Scheduling

I have two offices for those that live or work in Oceanside – one in Garden City, and one in Lawrence – and many of the married couples I work with are located nearby. If you feel like something has paused your marriage and would like to talk to a marriage counselor in Oceanside, please call me today at 516-732-0273.