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Long Island Relationship Counseling

Long Island Relationship Counseling

Every couple will experience highs and lows in their relationship. What will ultimately keep a relationship strong through these issues is the ability to stay connected. When problems with communication, intimacy, or life goals appear, they can cause solid relationships to falter. This has encouraged many individuals and couples to seek couples therapy.

Couples choose relationship counseling for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Transitions in life, such as job changes, unemployment, or financial difficulties
  • Overcoming overall feelings of dissatisfaction in their relationship
  • Addressing serious relationship challenges, like infidelity
  • Preparation for marriage and healthy relationships
  • Learning how to start and continue relationships of any kind

If you and your partner are experiencing any issues in your relationship or you want to work on yourself and determine how to improve your relationship health, working with a Long Island relationship counselor can help.

Strengthening Your Relationship Skills with Dr. Marc Shulman

The goal of relationship counseling is to provide you with the tools you need to make your relationships stronger. Connecting with someone that you love is an amazing experience, and when you need help, an experienced Long Island psychologist can make all the difference. As a Long Island therapist, I see both individuals and couples who are seeking to strengthen their relationships. I offer a variety of services, including:

  • Individual Counseling – I provide individual sessions for those who want to work on their relationships with others. I see people who are currently in a struggling relationship and also see those who are single and want to work on patterns they have recognized in their relationships. Individual therapy is designed to help individuals grow in their relationships.
  • Couples Counseling – I see couples who are invested in overcoming their issues. Couples counseling helps couples discover underlying issues and recognize problems while providing effective tools for preventing future issues. I provide a neutral setting for couples to learn to communicate their feelings and thoughts within a supportive environment.

In addition, I provide therapy services for those who are concerned with preventing a divorce or for those who are divorcing and want to make sure that their separation is done civilly. Regardless of whether you are single, in a long-term relationship, or coming out of a marriage, I offer comprehensive support services for Long Island residents.

My therapeutic approach is designed to provide a safe space for you and your partner to work through any issues that are negatively affecting you. Contact me today at 516.732.0273 to schedule an intake appointment to start moving forward.