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Long Island Couples Counseling | Long Island Marriage Psychotherapist

Long Island Couples Counseling

Long Island Marriage Psychotherapist

Relationships are always work. Even the healthiest relationships go through their ups and downs, and at times you’ll find that the downs can cause rifts to open up in your relationship that may be difficult to close. Many people see couples counseling as a last resort, but couples counseling can be a very healthy tool for creating a safe space for you and your partner to talk openly about the issues that keep you from being as close as you can be.

As a Long Island couples counselor, I have worked with dozens of couples trying to cope with the challenges of their relationship. Some of my services include:

  • Relationship Coaching – Great for new couples or those that need extra guidance, my Long Island relationship coaching service helps you start the communication process, with guidance to help you learn to be the best couple you can be.
  • Relationship Counseling – When you find that your relationship is starting to struggle, or that the trust is breaking down in any way, relationship counseling is a great way for Long Island couples to get more insight into the way they feel.
  • Marriage Counseling – Marriage therapy is a continuation of relationship counseling, and a great choice for both recently and long time married couples, both with and without children.
  • Divorce Prevention Therapy – When a couple is on the verge of divorce, divorce prevention counseling provides a safe space to try to prevent the divorce, and aid in the high emotions that tend to occur during this time.
  • Transitions Counseling – If a breakup or divorce has already occurred, my Long Island couples counseling services can help you work on strategies to improve future communication, reduce the stress of the divorce/breakup, and help you cope with issues like mediation, co-parenting, and court.


With over 7.5 million people in Long Island, there are millions of couples that are going to go through some type of challenge or difficulty. My office is designed to give you the safe, unbiased space that you need to be able to better communicate and grow as a couple.

Contact me at (516) 732-0273 to schedule your Long Island relationship therapy and marriage counseling appointment, and let’s start working towards a healthier relationship today.