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Couples Counseling in Nassau County | Long Island Couples Counselor

There is nothing quite like the joy and comfort that comes from being in a long term, happy relationship. While friendships, family, a great job, and more all contribute to a happy life, human beings need that one deep and intimate connection to someone else to feel protected in the long term, and to know that life is going to turn out okay.

But relationships are also highly complex. Whether you’re just starting out or you have been in a relationship for years, you’ll often find that there are many common issues that can arise that challenge you and your relationship. If this happens, it often helps to seek out help with a couples counselor in Nassau County that can work with you to determine what has caused your struggles, and what can be done to help change them.

Nassau County Couples Counseling Services

With offices in both Garden City and Lawrence, NY, I regularly work with couples from all stages of relationships in order to help grow each person as an individual and as a couple, and to create a safe space that allows all parties involved to share their thoughts and improve their relationship. My services include:

  • Individual Relationship Counseling
  • Relationship Group Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Therapy
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Divorce Prevention

One of the differences that makes my couples counseling work is that I put more focus on the individual and how you can grow as a person. Relationships are not just one entity. They are a connection between two people, and the more you learn about yourselves, the more you are able to find comfort in the relationship, overcome challenges, and work towards a long lasting solution.

I also believe that each relationship is unique, and that each individual deserves attention that is tailored to who they are and what they are struggling with.

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With two offices in Nassau County, it is my pleasure to be available to couples and individuals that need help in their relationships, whether it’s finding themselves or solving persistent relationship challenges. Together, I believe that we can work towards improving not only your relationship, but also your understanding of both yourself and your partner.

If you are ready to get started, please give me a call today at (516) 732-0273. As a Long Island couples counselor with years of experience, I am confident that you’ll see improvement in your relationships, in a comfortable environment from which to learn and grow.