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Couples Counseling in Long Island | Grow Your Relationship and Find Yourself

No one wants to see a couples counselor on Long Island. In an ideal world, each and every one of us would have a perfect, completely fulfilling relationship without challenges, where love grows every day and no one worries about finances, parenting, or any other common marriage issues.

But that ideal world doesn’t exist and, in many cases, seeking that “ideal” world can become its own relationship challenge. Relationships are a commitment between two unique individuals, both of whom have their own personalities, needs, and more. It is the complexity of these relationships that draws so many people to couples counseling on Long Island.

About Couples Counseling in Long Island, NY

There is no “right” or “wrong” time to go to couples counseling, because counseling itself is not about the status of your relationship. It is about whether or not you are ready to make your relationships stronger. As a couples counselor on Long Island, I see many couples that are:

  • Pre-Marital – Those that are getting ready to get married and want a more successful relationship, as well as those that are anxious about marriage and what it entails.
  • Content – Many couples seek out couples counseling while their relationship can still be described as “successful,” simply because they want to keep the love alive.
  • Divorcing or Divorced – Marriage counseling is often a last resort for many couples that find themselves fighting often or on the brink of divorced. I offer counseling and therapy to improve communication and help heal the relationship.

In addition, I also meet with individuals, both one on one and in group, for learning new ways to engage in their current and/or future relationships, and how to make sure that they are fulfilling for all involved.

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With an office in Garden City and a second office available in Lawrence, NY, my practice is conveniently available to help you work through any of your relationship challenges, or start working to achieve your relationship goals. I take a unique approach to therapy that combines research proven methodologies with personalized support, and I focus on you as individuals as much as you are a couple, because it takes two people to form a successful relationship.

If you are interested in learning more about couples counseling in Long Island, NY, contact me today at (516) 732-0273.