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Levittown Relationship Counseling

Levittown Relationship Counseling

When your relationship begins to struggle, it can be difficult to navigate painful emotions. This makes it more difficult to repair damaged communication or trust and rebuild a solid base for you and your partner. If you are not able to address areas that are straining your relationship, you may find that your relationship is becoming unhealthy or in danger of failing.

If you feel as though your relationship is at this point, it may be helpful to visit a Levittown relationship counselor. Seeing a counselor can be helpful any time in your life, but can be especially valuable if there are signs that your relationship is crumbling. For example:

  • Are you and partner fighting consistently about things that should not matter?
  • Do you have feelings of resentment and anger towards your partner?
  • Are you able to offer your partner the benefit of the doubt or do you not trust them at all?
  • Have you considered leaving your partner because of the stress of your relationship?

These sorts of concerns are common in relationships that have reached a breaking point. If you find that you are unable to communicate with your partner or no longer trust them, it is time to seek professional help to support your relationship.

Levittown, New York Counseling for Relationships from Dr. Marc Shulman

Relationship counseling is specifically designed to help all types of relationships, whether you have been married for decades or if you are working towards more healthy relationships in the future. Taking the time to get help for any issues that you have now can help to alleviate the possibility of problems and ensure that you and your partner are as close as possible.

Relationships need steady communication and trust to be successful, and Dr. Marc Shulman helps to support you and your partner in building these skills, and address any of the issues that may have caused friction or tension over time.

Services for Individuals

Drawing from a belief that each individual contributes to the dynamics within the couple unit, Dr. Shulman also provides relationship counseling that focuses on the individuals within the partnership as well as the relationship. In addition to his couples counseling service, Dr. Shulman is also happy to see you as an individual – helping you learn better relationship skills or overcome some of your own roadblocks that make your relationship less successful.

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If you are ready to start rebuilding your relationship, or would like to build your skills for your next relationship, contact me today at (516) 732-0273. I am happy to provide you with more information about my approach and assist you in creating longer, more fulfilling relationships in the future.