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Garden City Relationship Counseling

Garden City Relationship Counseling

All relationships have their own unique struggles. The longer a relationship lasts, the more chances there are that communication will break down or stress and different life goals will interfere. But there are many ways to improve a troubled relationship and rebuild it back into a strong and supportive partnership.

Dr. Marc Shulman: Garden City Relationship Counselor

If your relationship is rocky, or you want to increase your communication, or you find yourself having trouble getting over some type of relationship challenge, finding a trained Long Island psychologist may help to rebuild your relationship and get it back on track.

Dr. Marc Shulman provides relationship counseling across Garden City, including marriage therapy and relationship therapy. Many of my clients are either struggling in their relationship or want to build their relationship skills while they are single, and through our relationship counseling treatments, we’ll take a look at what you need to make sure that your relationship(s) are able to thrive either now or in the future.

About My Relationship Counseling Services

My Garden City relationship counseling services provide a safe place to discuss any concerns or issues that are making you uncertain in your relationships – from those that are single to those that are dating to those that have been married for years. If you are seeking assistance for your relationship, I can offer both individual therapy and couples counseling so that you can work on the most important components of a successful relationship, including:

  • Communication – When relationships struggle, communication is frequently the first place that breaks down. Non-judgmental and productive communication is a key component of any successful relationship. If you and your partner are not on the same page, I will facilitate conversations to work on areas of disagreement and improve your communications in the future.
  • Support – When relationships become stressed, partners sometimes stop supporting each other the way that they should. This can become a larger problem if there are underlying resentments or conflicting goals in the relationship. I work closely with couples to build their ability to support each other through difficult times.
  • Trust – Many things can cause a loss of trust in your relationship, including lies and keeping secrets. Sometimes trust breaks down for no clear reason at all. For a relationship to be successful though, the partners must support and trust each other. I provide guidance and tools to help you to rebuild any lost trust in a relationship.
  • Intimacy – Many long-term relationships struggle with intimacy issues after a certain period of time. This can cause unhappiness and an increase in distance between couples no matter what stage their relationship is in. I provide the tools necessary to increase your connection with your partner to revive and meet any intimate needs.

My Garden City practice offers the support and tools necessary to revive a failing relationship, or to learn how to grow in your own relationship abilities. If you want to learn more about how to make your relationships better, call (516) 732-0273 today to schedule an intake appointment.