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Garden City Group Counseling


We all have challenges, and in many cases there are others just like you that are living with struggles that they cannot seem to overcome. Whether it’s addiction, anxiety, relationships, depression, self-esteem, or another issue, there are always others like you all around Garden City and Long Island that are also looking for ways to grow and create positive change.

Group therapy ensures that you, and those with similar struggles are able to meet together, support each other, and find strength in numbers as you’re led in unique therapy sessions by a trained Long Island psychologist. Group therapy has many benefits that will aid in your growth and recovery, including:

  • Shared Experiences – You get to learn not only from the psychologist, but also from those that have had similar experiences that resemble your own struggles, and have come up with solutions or have attempted change in ways that are worth emulating.
  • Support and Bonds – You’ll be surrounded by people that you can connect with – those that you can support, and those that will support you. You’ll be with people during their best times and their worst times, learning along the way and knowing that there are people rooting for your recovery.
  • Mutual Accountability – You’ll also feel accountable to each other. Often times when we feel alone in our journey it’s hard to find the energy to make the appropriate changes to our lives. But with group counseling, you know that there are others around that are rooting for your success, and you’ll be motivated to make sure that you have something to tell them.

My Long Island group counseling services are an opportunity for you to come together with others, bond with people that have shared in similar struggles, and learn from both a trained psychologist and those that are going through the same problems that you are.

Garden City Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective choice for a variety of common issues, from addiction to relationship counseling to anxiety and depression, and much more. Almost any type of challenge can benefit from this type of group support session, and it is my goal to make sure that these group sessions are made available to you.

For those that are considering group counseling in Long Island, please call me today at (516) 732-0273. I’ll let you know the current group counseling sessions available at my Garden City office, and add you to the registry. If you have a challenge that doesn’t yet have a group counseling time available, I’ll do my best to see if I can schedule one for you, and create a group that meets for your specific needs. Call me today to find out more.


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