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Garden City Counseling

Everyone has to deal with unique challenges and stressors in their daily life. While there are good days and bad days, the good days should always feel as though they overwhelm the bad days, and when they don’t and you start to notice that the bad days are starting to be more frequent than the good, that may be a sign that you’re stuck or experiencing serious challenges. If that happens, it may be a good idea to seek out Garden City counseling services.

Dr. Marc Shulman: Garden City Counselor

Regular stress can cause serious mental health struggles. Whether your stress is based on daily issues or a traumatic event, you can experience a host of different psychological issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction Issues

These issues may be caused by chemical changes in your body and your brain, which can make them feel like an issue that cannot be changed, or they may be caused by long term stress that has changed the way you see the world. No matter the cause, combatting that stress as well as any mental health issues can be very beneficial.

As a Long Island psychologist, I have worked with many people who are dealing with a variety of challenges in their lives, providing the support that they need to help them to overcome their mental health concerns and move forward in their life. I also offer therapeutic services for individuals and couples who are struggling with everyday stresses.

Many people seek my services because they need additional support in their lives or they need help overcoming the challenges and emotions that are controlling them. It’s my goal to be available to you when you are in need, and make sure that you are growing in life and improving your overall contentment.

Learn More About Garden City Counseling Services Today

My private practice has provided comprehensive counseling services to Garden City residents for several years. If you are struggling with issues that life has thrown at you or feel you could benefit from the support of counselor, call (516) 731-0273 today for a consultation session. We can discuss any issues and concerns that you have and discuss solutions to help you to find the joy in your life again.