How Long is it Appropriate to Mourn?

There is nothing quite like experiencing a loss to bring out some of the world’s harshest emotions. There are issues in life that make us sad, scared, empty, and lonely. But mourning a loss seems to bring out versions of those emotions that few other experiences can provide.

Feeling grief after a loss is entirely normal, as someone or something that was in your life is now gone. But grief can also trigger long term emotions that persist for an extended period of time, and for some people, that grief can become life altering or debilitating in a way that goes beyond “healthy” grieving.

When Should Mourning End?

We never truly overcome someone’s loss, because their importance in our lives is always remembered. But if that grieving is becoming more of a psychological issue, it is possible that someone’s mourning has turned into something more.

The DSM-V – the manual psychologists use to diagnose mental health issues – has stated that mourning over 12 months is considered a sign that the mourning is showing signs of being a chronic problem. However, this is a bit misleading. There is no exact time frame that can be put on how long it is appropriate for someone to mourn. Every loss, and every situation is unique.

Mourning is an acceptable behavior. But it is the long term goal of every individual to still have a good quality of life despite the loss.

  • If you find that you’re struggling before 12 months, it is always a good idea to seek someone to talk to in order to feel better.
  • If you find that you’re struggling after 12 months, it helps to see someone that can assist you in regaining control of your happiness.

Grief is entirely natural. But if you’re struggling with grief, it helps to speak with a trained Long Island grief counselor and psychologist that can walk you through how to feel better. It doesn’t matter if that is 10 days after the loss or 10 years.

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There are no rules about when and how to grieve. But it is important that a happy life is on the horizon despite the loss. The pain of that loss may always be present, and that is okay. But you should still be able to find love, support, happiness, and good days ahead. For those struggling with mourning, call me today to start recovering.