How Do I Know Which Therapy/Treatment Approach is Right For Me?

I have been working as a Long Island psychologist for many years, offering therapy and couples counseling to those throughout the area. I’m also often faced with a problem – I sometimes meet potential clients that ask me specifically what type of therapy I offer them. They’re looking for me to tell them the approach I’ll use to help them overcome their mental health challenges.

In the world of mental health, we are often encouraged to pick and choose a therapeutic style. But I believe that this is a mistake, and that every person requires an approach that matches their needs.

There is No One Size Fits All Approach to Therapy

Therapy needs to be individually tailored to the needs of the client.

For example, sometimes focusing on symptoms or actionable strategies is what a client needs. In that case, it may be best to choose something like CBT, where you learn specific ways to overcome an issue. Sometimes it is important to have someone to talk to in order to gain a deeper perspective on your life than you had previously. In that case, CBT may not be the best choice, and perhaps a less structured form of therapy is warranted.

Often it is a mix of both that evolves over time. A client may come in with an issue – such as anxiety – and need someone to help them find relief. After they have their anxiety symptoms under control, they may find that they then need someone to teach them to be happy (positive psychology), or they simply need someone to talk to about their stresses because they’re missing that support from their life.

What Approach IS Needed in Therapy

Rather than look for a therapeutic style, it is encouraged that you look for what makes a successful therapy and Long Island therapist. For example:

  • Good relationship with your therapist.
  • Trust that your therapist has your best interests.
  • Open and comfortable communication.

These are examples of the types of factors that go into a successful treatment, and while therapeutic style DOES play a role, it is only one part of the many different ways that treatment can take place.

It’s why, if you’re looking for a psychologist on Long Island, I often believe the best thing you can do is simply come in for an individual session. We can get to know each other, develop that rapport, and determine what therapeutic style will be best for you. Call me today to get started.