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Long Island Couples Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity

Long Island Couples Counseling for Overcoming Infidelity

Infidelity can often be a couple’s greatest fear. One of the most important foundations of any relationship is trust, and when at least one partner is unfaithful, that trust can erode into quicksand. No matter how much you want the relationship to work, you can’t build a foundation on quicksand, and often times working through the problems isn’t enough to build that trust back up and start a healthy relationship again.

Couples Counseling for Infidelity

Overcoming the challenges of infidelity can be very difficult, and rarely occurs overnight. No matter how much both of you want to make it work, addressing infidelity is a process that can’t be rushed. Indeed, even if you both feel great about your ability to get over the problem, all it takes is one small behavior – one late night at work or one laugh with a member of the opposite sex – to bring back those negative feelings.

But you can overcome infidelity as a couple. It takes a considerable amount of work that involves building trust and understanding both you and your partner’s needs. As a Long Island couples counselor, my role is to mediate the process, as well as act as a source of guidance and learning to help you discover all of the issues that go into overcoming infidelity, including:

  • What Caused the Infidelity – Though there is no excuse for infidelity, there is usually a cause, and that cause does need to be explored. Whether one or both partners were cheating, something had to have led to the decision making process, and discussing that issue and bringing it out to the open is crucial.
  • What Problems You’re Experiencing – It’s also important to make sure that you start discussing and overcoming all of the problems you’re experiencing as a couple, not just the infidelity. If you need to communicate better, or handle money better, or fight better, or what have you, these need to be addressed, because any problem can retrigger some of the feelings of mistrust that come from infidelity.
  • What Are The Next Steps – Rebuilding trust also has to be a slow process, filled with romance, sharing, openness, and honesty. Many couples need to start dating again, learning more about each other, and growing in a way that keeps the relationship fresh and builds on a better, newer foundation.


Overcoming infidelity is not easy, but it’s a process that can be completed when both partners are willing to put in the work, and when you have someone to help you along the way. If you and your partner need to recover from infidelity, call me today at (516) 732-0273. I’m a Long Island psychologist with offices in Garden City and Lawrence that provides marriage counseling solutions to couples that are struggling.