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Singles Counseling on Long Island | Therapy and Support for Singles

Couples counseling is about more than saving a relationship. It is about learning more about yourself – your attractions, your habits, your history, and what lead you to be the person you are today. Throughout Long Island couples counseling, you evaluate yourself.

The potential benefits that these have to your relationship are not limited to couples. Indeed, singles find that individual relationship counseling helps to give them an incredible perspective of their relationships past and present, and give them guidance about how to have more successful and fulfilling relationships in the future.

What’s Involved in Singles Therapy?

You can often learn more about yourself when you’re single, and you have the time and perspective to understand and love yourself. Throughout singles counseling, we look at the many different factors that led to your current relationships (and your behaviors and experiences within them), including:

  • Family of Origin Issues – Your upbringing, familiar experiences, and more all can contribute to how you see relationships and what you experience within relationships. We explore these at length to give you more understanding of your relationship cycles and preferences.
  • Your Attractions – Many different factors cause us to build our attractions, and determine who we seek out as mates. We explore what may have built your attractions, as well as what you may be looking for and what is best for you.
  • Your Habits and Behaviors – Everyone contributes to relationships in their own ways, and develops their own habits when inside them. We’ll explore some of your own habits or behaviors that have caused problems both finding relationships and maintaining them.

We’ll also look at developing skills to create relationships that are more than simply filling a need, or based on some type of dependency issue. We’ll help you see how to find someone that will enhance your life.

Singles Counseling on Long Island with Dr. Marc Shulman

There is nothing wrong with being single. But it does represent a fantastic opportunity to learn more about yourself, especially if you have either had trouble finding relationships/attracting mates, or have struggled to meet the right people or find relationships that are truly fulfilling.

There is so much you can learn about you, and so much to building successful relationships that start when you’re single. If you’re interested in discovering more about yourself, contact Long Island couples counselor Dr. Marc Shulman, today at (516) 732-0273.