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Recovering from Relationship Breakups in Long Island

Relationship counseling is not only about saving marriages or helping new couples communicate. For many, it is a useful tool for learning more about relationships, and getting a better understanding of yourself and what you need to thrive personally.

This is especially important after a recent breakup. Breaks are an intense emotional challenge, no matter the state of your relationship, the cause of your breakup, or the partner that ultimately decided to end it, a breakup takes a toll mentally and emotionally.

Why Are Breakups So Difficult?

We often think of relationships as their own, single entity. But the bonds formed in relationships are much more than that. Love is clearly one of the strongest emotions, yet it is not the only one. When you are in a long term relationship, you:

  • Associate memories, places, and events with the partner.
  • Lean on them for support, guidance, and complementary behaviors.
  • Adapt your lifestyle to work with theirs.

After a breakup, there is a sudden absence of a presence that was in your life. Someone – and something – that has been a part of you is now gone. It is only natural to feel the emotional effects of this major life change.

What We Work On in Post-Breakup Relationship Therapy

Breakups are all very different experiences, with different causes, different behaviors, and more. But getting over a breakup often requires moving through several different stages. When someone comes to my in Long Island to help them get over a breakup of some kind, it is my role to help them move through the recovery process:

  • Getting over the initial pain.
  • Working to understand what led to the understanding of the relationship.
  • Explore family issues, healthy and unhealthy life experiences, and more.
  • Determining what caused the attraction, and what may have hurt it.
  • Figuring out how to learn from the experience, move on, and not repeat mistakes.

This “individual” couples counseling process is specifically there to help you overcome these types of challenges, and work through the issues that occur after a breakup.

What is the Value of Therapy?

Time has a way of minimizing some of the emotional damage of a breakup. But minimizing some of the emotional effects is not the same as overcoming the breakup. Without working through the pain, you run the risk of experiencing long term distress, and repeating some of the relationship patterns that led to the breakup in the first place.

If you are interested in learning more about counseling after a breakup, and learning to overcome some of the issues that may arise, I would love an opportunity to meet with you. I have two offices on Long Island, with one in Garden City and the other in Lawrence, NY. For more information, please call today at (516) 732-0273.