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Individual Relationship Counseling

Individual Relationship Counseling

Are you experiencing relationship challenges?


Individual Relationship Counseling | Long Island Relationship Therapy

As a Long Island Psychologist, I work with individuals in various stages of relationships and with various relationship needs – from those who are simply seeking to establish harmonious and satisfying interactions with others, to those who are single (dating) and seeking to find a partner, to those who are in a happy relationship and want it to grow stronger, to individuals on the brink of divorce. One constant throughout is that in order for your relationships to be strong, you need to be strong as an individual.

That is why I offer individual relationship counseling to those who want to make their relationships stronger by working on themselves. My individual relationship therapy is appropriate for those who:

  • Want to identify and correct problematic relationship patterns
  • Want to decide whether to continue or end a relationship
  • Want to recover from a failed relationship
  • Want to learn what they can do to enhance their relationships
  • Want to establish new healthy friendships or a significant relationship


I work with people that need a safe space to talk about problems in their relationships, people that are struggling with a mental health issue that is affecting their relationships (like an addiction or anxiety), and people that want to learn relationship skills to improve their lives.

Developing quality relationships has been shown to be one of the most crucial components for achieving happiness. Becoming overly reliant on someone else to be in control of our happiness and our needs can be problematic for developing quality relationships.

Through individual relationship counseling, we can start working towards breaking free from self-defeating patterns, create more intimacy, and improve communication. Most importantly, our work will enable you to improve your own mental health, wellness, and commitment to your relationship(s), because the best way to make a relationship strong is through self-growth, not through trying to change someone else.

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