The Importance of Having Meaning/Purpose in Your Life for More Happiness and Less Anxiety/Depression

The primary focus of therapy and counseling is to overcome a mental health challenge, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and other common ailments. Those disorders are thoroughly stressful, negative events that cause sadness, tension, and similar negative emotions.

But a fulfilling life is not just about avoiding the bad emotions. It is also about experiencing an abundance of happiness. That’s why I try to integrate other forms of therapy into my Long Island practice, such as Positive Psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which help teach people how to achieve happiness rather than simply avoid the negative.

One Step: Giving Your Life Purpose

For many clients, it starts with this idea that your life should have a meaning or a purpose that is unique to you. One of the critical components of achieving happiness is obtaining some type of purpose.

Those that go through the motions in life but don’t dedicate themselves to activities they truly value experience lower levels of happiness and, perhaps not surprisingly, higher levels of anxiety and depression. It is vital to identify the things that really matter to you, and find a way to implement those things into their life.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Long Island, NY

There is a type of therapy, known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, related to cognitive behavioral therapy, that focuses on both being mindful of one’s life, and discovering personal goals that give them direction for the future.

When it comes to giving your life purpose, the idea is that you find ways to be involved in something that goes beyond the self. This could be a religion, a charity, dedication to one’s family or friends, or one’s personal goals. There is no right or wrong choice. But the focus is on discovering what truly matters to you in life.

Once you find that purpose, you’ll often discover that focusing on the things that matter to you is the key to living a happier life, not just one that has less anxiety and depression. Finding that purpose may be difficult, but it is a process that is well worth the time. For more information about my Long Island psychotherapy services, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, please call me today at 516-732-0273.