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Relationship Group Therapy | Group Therapy for Individuals Struggling with Relationship Issues

Relationship Group Therapy

We all strive to create fulfilling relationships with others. Yet there are often challenges that can stand in the way. Every individual is their own unique personality, with experiences, fears, motivations, and more, that all affect their ability to create, enjoy, and grow in relationships.

  • Do you find that you’re often struggling to create or maintain a “real” relationship?
  • Do you have a hard time committing, or figuring out who you should be with?
  • Do you struggle to connect with others, either from nervousness or trouble with intimacy?

There are many different factors that can make it difficult to find, appreciate, and build healthy relationships. That is why I offer group therapy services in Long Island for those that are looking for help with all of the common issues that contribute to struggles socially and in relationships.

Why Group Therapy for Relationships?

My group therapy is designed for individuals that each need help with their relationships in any form. Whether you are young or experienced, single or in a relationship, struggling with commitment or socially anxious, my group counseling sessions are designed to connect you with others that are struggling with the same issues.

Group therapy allows you to address, in a supportive environment, all of the common challenges that are associated with relationships:

  • How to figure out who you should be with.
  • How to overcome social anxiety in order to meet interesting people.
  • How to decide when to continue a relationship.
  • How to accept and provide love, affection, and intimacy.
  • How to remain independent in your relationship.
  • How to manage conflict and communicate.
  • How to give more of yourself, and keep a relationship growing.

Whether you’ve been single for a while or are in a long term relationship that you simply want to take to the next level, relationship group therapy is your opportunity to surround yourself with other people that are looking for relationship help, and support others while also experiencing support from those with similar struggles.

Group Therapy in Garden City and Lawrence

I have worked as a Long Island psychologist for many years, with offices conveniently located in both Garden City and Lawrence, NY to make sure that I’m always available for those that need help. If you find that you’ve been struggling with relationships in any way, please contact me today at (516) 732-0273, and let’s sign you up for one of my group therapy sessions.


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