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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Are you struggling with your social interaction/relationships?

Could you benefit from social support?

Do you think it may be helpful to learn from others?

Are you seeking cost effective therapy?


Group therapy offers you cost effective treatment in a supportive environment that enables you to overcome obstacles and maximize your potential. It provides an opportunity to gain insight about yourself in a social setting, that often cannot be achieved in individual counseling. The feedback that you receive from other group members and the exposure to other people’s experiences/perspectives, can provide you with invaluable growth opportunities. Moreover, you may realize that you are not alone and that other people experience struggles just like you. A safe environment is created by requiring all members to commit to maintaining confidentiality, encouraging people to join group discussions at their own comfort level, always “sharing the floor,” and restricting feedback to constructive comments. The camaraderie that typically develops in the group is a unique experience that can have a lifetime impact.


Group therapy may be helpful if you are seeking:

  • Greater relationship satisfaction
  • Cost effective therapy
  • To improve your social skills
  • A place to try out new behaviors and ways of relating to others
  • Immediate constructive feedback from others
  • To learn from others experiences and perspectives
  • Group support and camaraderie


The group therapy that Dr. Marc Shulman offers, utilizes a unique approach called Dynamic Experiential Learning (DEL), which is designed to help you achieve more satisfaction from life. Please read more about this on the My Approach page.

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