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Emerging Adults (18-20’s)

Emerging Adults (18-20’s)

Are you a young adult trying to successfully transition into adult life?


Therapy with Dr. Marc Shulman may be helpful to young adults who need assistance with:

  • Developing healthy friendships and/or significant relationships
  • Feeling comfortable in social settings and relationships
  • Chronic feelings of sadness, anxiety or emptiness
  • Addictions (drugs/alcohol, sex, internet)
  • Excessive worry about everyday life events
  • Self-esteem issues that interfere with feeling comfortable with one’s self
  • Making appropriate career choices and maintaining success at school / work


One of the most critical stages of development is the transition period from teenage years into adulthood. Many of the most essential life decisions that set the stage for the future, such as choosing a spouse and a career, are often made during this period of time. Young adults may find it challenging to successfully emerge from the teenage years, where there is less responsibility, into adult life where “grown up” functioning is required. Unfortunately, this can result in consequences that have a significant impact on life satisfaction for years to come, such as failed relationships / marriages and lack of success and happiness with one’s career, and contribute to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. However, this stage of life is a prime opportunity to engage in self-exploration and experiment with different possibilities that can enrich current functioning and establish successful patterns for future years.

Therapy for emerging adults can help to:

  • Develop healthy relationship skills
  • Increase self- esteem
  • Experience more comfort and success in social settings
  • Feel calmer
  • Avoid or overcome addictions
  • Experience more joy in daily existence
  • Achieve more success and happiness in school / professional life


The therapy that Dr. Marc Shulman offers utilizes a unique approach called Dynamic Experiential Learning (DEL), which is designed to help you achieve more satisfaction from life. Please read more about this on the My Approach page.

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