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Long Island Divorce Prevention | Marriage Counseling for Struggling Couples


Thousands of couples on Long Island struggle every day. It can often feel that you’re walking on eggshells, or the trust you had in your partner is gone, or the two of you no longer see each other as a part of your future.

But your relationship was once great – it was once something that you would fight for. When you and your husband or wife are on the brink of divorce, but you want to try one more time to save your marriage, it’s important to speak to a psychologist on Long Island with experience working with troubled couples that need one last shot to help the relationship thrive.

My Approach to Long Island Marriage Counseling

With offices in Garden City and Lawrence, I have worked with many couples that were on their last legs, helping them rebuild their relationship and handle the stress and anxiety of losing someone forever. The reality is that no matter how you feel about your partner, or how much your marriage has eroded, a divorce is the end of something that played (and plays) a tremendous role in your life.

As a Long Island psychologist, it’s my job to prepare you for the road ahead, whether it’s rebuilding your marriage or helping you cope with the struggles. I do this by creating a judgment free space, where you and your partner can:

  • Communicate Openly – Freedom to communicate plays a large role in the ability to rebuild your relationship, and with my couples counseling service, you will be free to communicate openly with no biases or judgment, so that you can talk with an unbiased individual present.
  • Gain Guidance and Clarity – During communication, it’s not uncommon to have persistent misunderstandings or struggles listening to the other partner and responding to their needs. My approach helps me make sure that both couples understand each other and are on the same page throughout each session.
  • Create Stronger Bonds – No matter what happens to your relationship in the future, we’ll work on creating stronger bonds, trust, and more, so that the two of you can be healthier together as you work towards a better relationship.


The idea behind divorce prevention and marriage counseling is to start understanding your partner once again, seeing them in a more positive light, and finding the energy and motivation that the two of you have to work through your issues together in the future. If you find yourself in need of a marriage counselor, call me today at (516) 732-0273.