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Pre-Marital Counseling in Long Island | Strengthen and Prepare Your Relationship

Pre-Marital Counseling in Long Island | Strengthen and Prepare Your Relationship

Marriage is an exciting time. For the rest of your life, you hope to be connected to the person that you love most – the person that you envision growing old with, perhaps starting a family, and achieving your mutual goals.

Every couple – even those madly in love – have their own challenges. Working through those challenges before the marriage and preparing for what it means to be a wedded couple can have a tremendous impact on your marital success. It can be quite difficult to transition from being single to married and integrating two unique family cultures into one new family.

What is Pre-Marital Couples Counseling?

Although couples counseling is often associated with struggling relationships, the goal of counseling is not just to “save” the couple. It can be to strengthen the relationship and make it even better than it was before or to resolve questions or concerns that one may have before getting married. That’s why many couples engage in what’s known as “pre-marital counseling” – a service designed for couples that are planning to get married, and are looking for support throughout the process.

During pre-marital counseling services in Long Island, we explore a variety of topics that are all uniquely beneficial for soon to be married couples, including:

  • How to Have a Successful Marriage
  • How to Overcome the Stress of Planning a Wedding/Pre-Wedding Jitters
  • How to Communicate More Effectively
  • How to Resolve Differences
  • How to Merge into a New Family Unit
  • How to Address Family of Origin Issues

During pre-marital counseling, we openly talk about any issues you may have been holding on to in a safe and supportive environment, and we will discuss either as a couple or in an individual meeting what it takes to make a marriage work.

Long Island Pre-Marital Counseling by Dr. Marc Shulman

Marriage is very different from simply being in a relationship, and some of its benefits are also some of the issues that are working against it. For example, marriages can be extremely comforting, knowing that you’re with your partner for years to come. But that comfort can also be problematic if you take it for granted or become overwhelmed by the the commitment.

My goal as a Long Island pre-marital counselor is to both explore these issues and also see how we can bring out the strengths that the two of you have as a couple and build upon them to make your relationship even stronger.

If you are interested in pre-marital counseling, please feel free to give me a call today at (516) 732-0273. We can talk about what’s involved in my pre-marital counseling services, or schedule an appointment to meet. I have offices in both Garden City and Lawrence, New York, and I am happy to talk to you and your partner about your relationship.