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Depression CBT Treatment on Long Island, NY

Depression is powerful. For some it’s sadness. For others, it’s regret. For others, it’s a heavy feeling that is difficult to describe emotionally, but clear to anyone that has experienced it. At one moment, it may be affecting your thoughts. At the very next moment, it may be making you sleepy, moody, or sick.

Depression is a series of emotions and behaviors. It’s also treatable. Depression trains your brain to feel hopeless, alone, and like life will never get better. But depression is a highly treatable condition. It simply takes figuring out the best way to treat your depressive symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression on Long Island

It takes time to figure out what the best treatment will be for your depression. It takes getting to know you, learning about how your depression is affecting you, and more. When we talk, we may find that you are best served by a specific approach, such as Dynamic Experiential Learning.

But what many people respond to best is cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT. CBT is one of the most highly practiced, well-researched therapies available today. It focuses on the idea that depression itself is made up of thoughts (cognitions), emotions, and behaviors that are solvable with the right strategies. Benefits include:

  • Specific Techniques – With depression CBT, there are specific techniques you can implement in your daily life to control your thoughts and behaviors.
  • Present Focused – Rather than focus on the past, CBT focuses almost exclusively on the present, which in turn gives you more immediate results.
  • Goal Oriented – CBT creates goals that we look to reach. These goals are measurable, and something that will help you see your progress.

For the right people, CBT provides the treatment for depression that they need. Here on Long Island, I provide those that are struggling with depression, and other mood disorders, with CBT and other treatments that help you overcome your struggles.

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Depression is most certainly a challenging condition. But it is treatable. It is simply a matter of determining what treatment works best. If you are struggling with depression, please call me today at (516) 732-0273, and let’s get to know each other and see what will work best for your depressive symptoms.