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Business Coaching on Long Island

There is little as challenging as running a business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, or simply someone trying to move up in the business world, working in any leadership position means that you’re faced with constant daily challenges. There is often mounting pressure to be successful, responsibility that extends well out of your job description, and an often overwhelming amount of work that needs to be completed.

Long Island continues to be a great place to run a business, but those in those positions of power often have struggles that are difficult to manage on their own. That is why I am happy to offer business coaching for those on Long Island that would like to help navigating these challenges.

Why Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a unique strategy aimed in supporting those that are struggling professionally, as well as those that have problems personally that is affecting their work life. Although primarily used by executives and entrepreneurs, business coaching is a combination of therapy, life coaching, consulting, and support that can assist those in almost all stages of their professional careers.

The goals of business coaching are as follows:

  • Unbiased Listening/Feedback – When you work in a high level position, most of those around you will have their own biases that affect how they respond to your ideas and the feedback they provide. With a Long Island business coach, you have someone you can talk to that will provide unbiased feedback and will listen to you as you share your challenges.
  • Counseling and Therapy – This type of professional status can be stressful. Even more so if your personal life is also having struggles. As a trained psychologist, it is possible for me to provide you with therapeutic services as well as needed, to help you manage your mental health in addition to your professional life.
  • Accountability – Business coaches are here to keep you accountable. Because these positions can be both tiring and overwhelming, it is sometimes far too easy to avoid taking action when action is needed. But when you meet regularly with your coach, you become motivated to make the changes that need to be made.

In addition, a business coach can be there for you to help you work through problems, help you discover what your motivations are, and assist you in your decision making processes.

Your Business Coach in Long Island

Dr. Marc Shulman is a trained Long Island psychologist that is proud to offer business coaching and therapy services for those that need additional support in the business world. To learn more about Dr. Shulman’s Nassau County business coaching services in both Garden City and Lawrence, call (516) 732-0273 today.