Benefits of Couples Counseling During Pregnancy for Stressed Couples

When most people think of couples counseling, they see it as a last resort for couples and marriages that are near the brink of separation – or even beyond that. While it’s true that many people seek out couples counseling when their relationship is nearing an end, the idea behind counseling – strengthening the bond between two individuals – has benefits all throughout a relationship.

It can be especially valuable when bringing a baby into the world. If you or your partner is pregnant and you do not feel that your marriage is as strong as you like it to be, couples counseling can provide you with an opportunity to work out some of those problems before bringing a baby into the world.

Why Couples Counseling?

  • Prevent Compounding of Stress

Babies are wonderful. They are also incredibly stressful. There is no denying that the first several years of having a child can put a great deal of strain on a relationship. When relationships are strong, a baby can be exciting. When they are struggling, a baby can put pressure on the relationship in a way that may not be easy to fix. Solving relationship issues before giving birth helps ensure you’re at a stronger foundation.

  • Co-parenting Help

Most couples do not like to talk about it, but often when they’re stressed they worry about the work they’ll need to put in to raising a child – as well as the work their partner will put into it. Couples counseling is an opportunity to work through those issues before they become issues, and talk about your parenting plan together.

  • Setting An Example

Children learn from what they see. Intimate, loving parents that clearly care about each other provide a great example for children – possibly even more so than those that dedicate all of their time to their child. Couples counseling, which can help improve intimacy and love, can then make you a better parent overall, teaching your child what they need to see in order to grow.

Avoid Stress Through Couples Counseling

Finally, couples counseling will help give you tools that can be extremely valuable for learning to control your stress and your own mental health, both inside and outside of your relationship. That stress management is going to help you become better parents, and help your relationship flourish with the introduction of a child.

If you’re interested in learning more about couples counseling in Long Island, contact Dr. Marc Shulman, a local Long Island psychologist.